All Ella: Episode 10

Another edition of ripping off Grace the hilarious things Ella says. Seriously, this girl. . .

Ella: I wish Ani wasn’t so cute, so I didn’t have to love her so much.

Ella: Did you know today is my anniversary?
Bart: No. I didn’t know you were married. Who are you married to?
Ella: Um. Give me some choices.

After we read Charlotte’s Web
Janssen: What do you want for lunch?
Ella: I just want to drink some blood.

Janssen: The answer is no.
Ella: I don’t like “no.” I only like “yes.”

When we were over at Belize’s house
Janssen: Could I get a glass of water?
Ella: Mom, you need to say “please, could I get a glass of water.”

While I’m getting Ella out of her carseat:
Janssen: That’s a very grumpy look on your face.
Ella: It’s just because my parents are dead.
Janssen: Oh?
Ella: Yeah, some wicked people came and just killed them.

A few months ago, before we actually did get rid of her pacifier for real:
Ella: Dad, guess what? I threw my paci in the garbage can. I don’t need it anymore.
A few minutes later, Bart walks by her room and sees her with the paci
Bart: I thought you threw your paci away?
Ella: I did. But I couldn’t really handle it.

As I start the car:
Ella: Oh no! Oh no!
I turn around to realize I had put her in her seat but not actually buckled her in.
Ella: Whew. That was a close one. That was a REALLY close one.

Ella: Will you tell me a medium-long story?
Me: No, not right now.
Ella: Why are you not feeling kind and loving?

Ella: I think I’m just going to be a mediocre mom.
Me: Why?
Ella: [big sigh] I’m just not very good at cooking, like you are.

At the Pampers party I hosted
Ella: I want another cookie.
Me: Sorry, no. You’ve already had two cookies.
Ella: Well Mary (one of the other moms there) had three.

A few days after Ella and I discussed how my parents’ cat, Spiegel, was killed by a coyote a couple of years ago.
Ella: I’m just super excited to die.
Me: What? Why?
Ella: Because I just can’t wait to see Spiegel.

(Other funny things Ella has said in the past)

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  1. Well, she's certainly not a mediocre kid! My favorite picture is the one where she looks like she's saying, I don't like no, I only like yes.

  2. Mediocre? How does she even know that??! A reader she will be, like her mama. Too cute, please don't let the wicked people get you! 😉

  3. The one about both her parents being dead reminds me of a Buzzfeed piece I read, something like "the 10 creepiest things kids have ever said to their parents."

  4. What a wonderful way to start my day. I can hardly wait to come and just be with her (and with you all). And I'm so glad you are recording some of the things she says. They will be priceless to all of you in the future.

  5. Oh my goodness, this child! This is why I need one of my own right away. She certainly has an impressive vocabulary.

  6. These are hands-down my favorite posts of anything I read on the internet. Seriously, this child is just hysterical! I'm dying over her use of mediocre. Also her ratting out one of the moms at your party. Give Ella some big hugs from her internet fans!

  7. Julia and Ella are like a million times funnier than my kids.

    I love that she ratted on someone for having three cookies.

  8. "Why are you not feeling kind and loving?" <– LOL, for real. I think I might need to ask my own mother that next time she says no to something. 😀

  9. Way too cute. How in the world do you document these things? I seriously try to remember those moments. My hubby and I will laugh over something and say "That needs to go in the blog!" but then we forget. 🙁

  10. I kind of really love this girl. Ask her if she knows the definition of "arranged marriage". That is, after I tame Seth enough for her taste.

  11. Hahahahaa! Can't get over the "I'm only going to be a mediocre mom because I can't cook" statement. Hilarious!


  12. oh man, kids say the funniest things!! She is seriously a cutie ….and really?!…. how does she know the word "mediocre"….lol….

  13. I just saw Merrick's Mini and Me on Babble with Ella in these clothes. So cute. What a great idea. Please tell me it will be a thing! And your kid is a hilarious.

  14. She is absolutely hilarious! I love the one about being a "mediocre mom". Such a little smarty pants – and witty too!

  15. She KILLS me. I don't know how you handle it.

    T is starting to enter the "saying funny things" phase, and I'm sure things will just get progressively more funny. It always used to bother me when people would say, "Oh, my kid is just so hilarious!" I would always be like, "Really? How funny can a kid be?" But their sense of humor/wit/sarcasm develops far younger than I thought it did.

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