All Ella: Episode 11

I held her up at the sink to wash her hands, with her stomach pressing into the counter (which I remember HATING as a child)
Ella: If you hold me like that again, there will be serious consequences. 

Wandering into the kitchen while I’m finishing up some dishes
Ella: Come play Legos with your cute little child

To every single person who asks her how she likes our new house
Ella: Now Ani doesn’t have to sleep in the bathroom!

On her birthday, when we were walking to meet Bart on campus, and she was having a meltdown
Ella: I just can’t really handle this birthday

Every single time I give her a glass of water, she downs it in a single gulp and holds out her cup for more
Ella: I POUNDED that water
(I’m working with Nestle on a water-drinking campaign, but I’m thinking they should have hired Ella instead)

After I’d done something (can’t remember what) that made her unbelievably angry
Ella: I’m going to run away and NEVER come back. . . . Will you come with me?

During a particularly rambunctious bath
Janssen: Stop splashing that water all over the floor and walls. It makes Dad and me unhappy.
Ella: Daddy can handle the water spilling out of the bathtub, because he’s a tough guy.

Talking about all our friends who are expecting babies
Janssen: Do you think we should have one more baby or two more babies?
Ella: Three more babies
Janssen: Three more babies? Probably only one or two more babies.
Ella: [stuttering] N…n…n…n…n…no, I’m the master of babies.

While I’m reading while she plays in the bathtub
Ella: Don’t read your book ANY more. Watch me do some really awesome tricks.

After watching me take photos of a project for Spoonful, she took my phone and proceeded to take fifty pictures of the set-up
Ella: Oh, I think I got a good one. This one will go on my blog. Did you know I had a blog?

Appearing in our bedroom door wearing a pair of neon green pants that I loathe
Ella: Dad, I’m wearing these pants that Mama thinks are supa supa ugly. 

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  1. By the way, the mittens and sweater jacket are adorable but please don't tell me she's needed to wear them already!

    1. Fortunately, no. She had a bath that morning and was FREEZING afterward, so she asked for a jacket and mittens.

  2. How delightful. It is amazing what she comes up with. These little vignettes are priceless, and will make great memories for you and her (and console us when we can't be with you).

  3. I am SERIOUSLY in love with this kid! She is so precocious with that enormous vocabulary! Further evidence (not that anyone needs it) that a) you are an awesome parent and b) reading to your kids is outrageously beneficial.

  4. I agree with Karen, these little glimpses into her life making living far away almost bearable! I see so much of your little 3 year old self in her. Adorable in every way.

  5. Oh my gosh she's so funny! "Mom, I'll do this puzzle all by myself." Five minutes later: "Why isn't everyone working on this puzzle with me?" 🙂

    She's a doll!

  6. Oh my heavens, she's hilarious. I love that she used the word "consequences" in the proper context.

  7. I LOVE this list. What a darling little person! I especially think it's funny that she tells everyone about Ani sleeping in the bathroom. 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE these posts about your little girls rambling. She is sooo funny to me. That first excerpt just about made me spew Starbucks out of my nose. Hahaha!!

  9. I would have daily stomach aches from listening to her talk everyday. It should be a natural work out for you! =]

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