Girl Talk: Episode 1

Ella: Ani, let’s pretend we’re sisters!
[long pause]
Ella: Actually we are sisters.

Ella: Name your favorite fruit.
Ani: Ice cream.
Ella: That’s not a fruit.
Ani: Oh. Let me try again.

Ani: Where’s mama?
Ella: She’s in her closet.
Ani: You in da closet, big mama?

Star is crying
Ella: Mom! Turn her toward me so she can see my soothing face.

Listening to my mom reading to her
Ella: There’s something I find troublesome about this book.

Ella: While you were in the bathroom, I opened the fridge and the bowl of cookie dough fell out.
Janssen: Oh, that happened to me earlier too. I don’t know why that bowl is falling out.
[A few minutes later]
Ella: I feel like now that we’ve both had that same experience, we’re even closer friends than we were before.

Sitting on the driveway in the bright sunshine
Ella: Whew! I’m sweating like a poodle in a fire pit.
Janssen: . . . .


While discussing what candy she is going to pick for a movie
Ella: I’m not going to get Raisinettes again.
Janssen: Did you not like them?
Ella: It’s just really disappointing when you think you’re getting a chocolate candy and then you find out it’s a raisin inside.

While I’m getting her dressed
Ani: This shirt has pockets!
[puts her hands in the pockets and then looks up at me with a disappointed face]
Ani: Oh, dees pockets not have no money in dem.

Ella: I don’t want you to have any more kids.
Janssen: Okay . . .
Ella: Because I am just DONE with you nursing.

P.S. Previous hilarity from Ella here. And this wooden Ferris Wheel is from A Summer Afternoon. 

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  1. Hahaha! These had me literally laughing out loud. Ella is so funny, and she seems so smart for her age! Must be all the books 😉

  2. These are my favorite posts. So fun to see what kids pick up on from adults and how they mangle it.

  3. These are the best! My 5yo frequently asks me to play "mom and dad" with him. Then I'll be the mom, and he's the kid… Fine with me 😉

  4. I love the crazy analogies kids come up with. We just moved and we were sweeping out the garage at the old house. My 5 y.o. said "This garage is as empty as a microwave when no one's awake."

  5. So funny. I'm totally going to pull out that "poodle in a fire pit" comment the next time I'm super hot.

  6. I just spent a solid 1/2 hour going back and reading the posts with the "Ella Says" tag. Thank you very much for the ab workout.
    Your blog has been one of my very favorite post-mission things to catch up on. And posts like this (and your reading recommendations) are exactly why.

  7. i just love reading these!!! you should seriously make them into a book they are priceless!!!

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