All Ella: Episode 9

Janssen:  Did you hear Ani? I think I heard her.
Ella:  [listening]  No. I don’t hear anything. I think she must have given up. She probably just thought, “Oooookay, Mom is never going to get me out of my crib.”

Ella:  Dad, open this present I have for you! [hands him an invisible present]
Bart:  Oh wow! Thank you! What is it?
Ella:  It’s some keys. To a new car.
Bart:  Thank you so much! What kind of car did you get me?
Ella:  A minivan.

After I got pretty irritated with a bunch of whining in the car:
Ella:  We are NICE in this family. And you were not being nice.

Janssen:  Ani, you have the cutest little baby tooth!
Ella:  But where is the mommy tooth and the daddy tooth?

Ella: I’m just going to give Ani these puzzles, because I’m not so much of a puzzle fiend anymore.

Ella: I’m kind of done with babies.
Janssen: But aren’t you the master of babies?
Ella: No. I’m just the master of Ani.

Ella: I wish Celeste was my mommy. And you could be my sister. My very old sister.
Janssen: . . . .
Ella: My very very VERY old sister.

Bart: (making a stuffed animal talk) Let me tell you about my grandma.
Ella: I don’t want to hear it.

Someone is starting to resist having her picture taken. When I pulled out the camera last week, she hid under the bed.

Ella: Can I have three chocolate chips?
Janssen: Yes. Because I’m a very nice mommy.
Ella: Nice mommies give their children chocolate chips. Mean mommies punch their children in the face.
Janssen: . . . .

On our road trip to Alabama, Ella looks up from the iPad to discover it’s completely dark (and pouring rain) outside the car:
Ella: I can’t see a dang thing!

As we’re leaving a second store and preparing to go to a third one
Ella: [long sigh] It would be just so wonderful if we only went to two stores today.

Out of nowhere:
Ella: You can’t just do whatever you want, Mom. [pause] You know that, right?

P.S. More Ella hilarity here.

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  1. These are my favorite posts! Does she have any feelings about being Ella on the Blog or is she aware of it? Oh, and since she just turned 3 1/2, it's pretty much a whole new stage.

  2. I love being able to hear bits of myself and Eric in Ike. But there are still so many things where I'm baffled as to where those ideas or sayings originated.

  3. Ahaha, Ella is too cute. Mean mommies punch their kids in the face?! Where does she get this stuff haha.

  4. She is adorable!!!! I laughed out loud at "mean mommies punch their kinds in the face". She is such a character!

  5. I LOVE reading the things that Ella says. My son cracks me up at almost 5 years old BUT Ella is so hilarious at a younger age.

  6. I am DYING. She is so hilarious. I even made Cameron read the post, I found it so entertaining! Please do more of these posts! 🙂

  7. bahahaha…oh man…the mean mommy comment got me laughing pretty hard. She is hilarious and has the sweetest little face I have ever seen.

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