All Ella: Episode 4

Ella comes in and hops into bed with me in the morning
Ella: WHAT is that stinky smell?
Janssen: Probably my breath.
Ella: Can you brush your teeth? [bursting into tears] PLEASE brush your teeth. I just can’t let you have that stinky breath.

(A little background – we sing to both our girls all the time “Ella Bella Boo. I love you”)
After Ani messed up the Uno Cards
Ella: Ani Bani Boo! I only SORT OF love you.

A little text message to Bart one morning. It’s hard when you can only spell a few words.

Ella: I need you to come snuggle me.
Janssen: Okay.
Ella: Do you know why?
Janssen: Why?
Ella: Because I’m all sweaty. Not too sweaty, but somewhat sweaty.

Ani whines for a while about everything and anything, and I finally put her in her crib to calm down for a few minutes. When I come back:
Ella: Well, that baby was being a nightmare.

While we were visiting in July, Merrick did Ella’s hair in two tiny buns
Bart: Did you tell Merrick “thank you” for doing your hair?
Ella: [whispering] Well, I don’t actually like these buns.

Landen sent us a list of really uncommon baby names (10 or fewer babies in a year) that included Ani’s real name
Ella: Is my name on that list?
Bart: No. But your name isn’t very popular either.
Ella: [bursts into tears] But I just want to be pop-alar.

Ella: Guess what? Dad told me a secret.
Janssen: Oh yeah? What is the secret?
Ella: Before dinner, he’s going to take Ani and me swimming in the canoozi.

Janssen: Do you want some cheese with your lunch?
Ella: No, I’ve lost my taste for cheese.

Ella: It looks like you’re going to need surgery.
Janssen: Okay.
Ella: And it’s going to hurt quite a bit because I’ll be using the pain knife.

On our way to lunch with one of Bart’s co-workers
Ella: What’s this lady’s name?
Bart: It’s ‘Sicily.’
Ella: Well that is a very uncommon name.

The manager at Chick-fil-A (a man in his early forties, I’d guess) found out it was Ella’s birthday and gave her a little stuffed cow. Later that afternoon. . .
Ella: [talking to the cow] John, I’m so glad you’re my little friend now. It was very nice of that old man to give you to me.


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  1. Wow, the woman's name is really Sicily? I've heard of Cecily before, but not Sicily. Cool. I totally want to see that list of uncommon baby names!

  2. This girl cracks me up. She needs to work on her bedside manner a little bit. I don't know that I'd be a fan of her "pain knife". 🙂

  3. I cannot stop laughing at the first one! I have such hang-ups about morning breath that I will NOT let my husband kiss me (beyond a tight-lipped peck) before I've brushed my teeth. Ella and I have something in common. 🙂

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