Girl Talk: Episode 14

I’ve been doing these Girl Talk posts since 2013 and they are one of my favorite things on earth. Looking back at the hilarious things that come out of my children’s mouths never ceases to delight me and I love how much so many of you love them too!

It’s fun too to see how originally it was mostly Ella saying the funny things, and then Ani, then Star and now it is mostly Tally who is the one making us all laugh out loud.

What will I do when I don’t have any more three year olds anymore??

Tally is helping me make pancakes
Janssen: Be careful with that pan – it’s really hot!
Tally: I will be careful! . . . or I’ll burn myself and then I’ll be hopping sad.

Tally goes into a laughing fit. When she finally stops. . .
Tally: I could NOT stop laughing. It. was. TERRIFYING.

Talking about our weekend plans
Bart: Maybe we’ll go to the lake.
Ella: Oooh, that’d be fun!
Bart: And maybe we’ll do a hike beforehand.
Ella: Wait, is this going to be one of those character building trips?

Out of nowhere. . .
Tally: What day is it?
Janssen: It’s Thursday!
Tally: Oh good! It’s your hug day!
[Tally runs over and gives me an enormous hug]

Reading in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM about shrews and how they have short tempers
Ani: What’s a short temper?
Janssen: It means you lose your temper or get angry really easily.
Ani: Oh! Like me!
Star: And like me!

Star is sobbing at the dinner table about which spot she has to sit in
Bart: Star, it seems like you might be really tired. If you can’t stop crying, you’ll probably need to go to bed.
Star: [sobs louder]
Tally: Oh, she TOTALLY needs to go to bed.

Out of nowhere
Tally: Do you know what has a lot of germs? Kisses. And BATHROOMS.

Tally falls asleep on the couch and Bart wakes her up for dinner. She is. . . not happy.
Tally: You’re just NOT MAKING THIS FUN.
Bart: What would you like me to do to make it fun?
Tally: The ONLY thing that will make this fun is if you all. go. away.

Ready to watch Doc McStuffins while I do Tally’s hair.
Tally: I need to go tell Star that we’re going to do hair!
Janssen: Okay, I’ll wait for you.
Tally: Or you can turn on weird stuff that you like and I don’t like.

Comes into my office and stands next to my desk
Tally: I need a hug. And a face wash.

On our drive to Las Vegas
Janssen: I can’t believe how many dead deer I’ve seen on this trip. I’ve already seen at least five or six on the side of the road.
Ella: Or they might be sleeping.
Janssen: Mmm, deer don’t really sleep right on the side of the highway.
Ella: Yes they do! At Grancie Camp, we saw a deer laying on the side of the road and Grancie said, “Oh, look! That deer is sleeping.”
Janssen: . . . .

When I come to pick up the girls from Bart’s sisters house
Bart’s sister: Today I told Tally that she was very cute and she said, “That’s what EVERYONE says to me. Except for Grandma.” So I said “What does does Grandma say to you?” and Tally said, “She tells me, ‘You are NOT cute.'”

Bart finishes reading a book in bed to Star and is ready to go take a shower and get dressed for the day.
Bart: Okay, it’s time for me to go take a show-show.
Star: Yeah! So you don’t smell like a cow-cow.


P.S. If you need a little more laughter on a Friday morning, you can see previous Girl Talk episodes here!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! 😂🤣😂 A) I always LOVE these posts!! B) I only have one girl, so it’s fun for me to read these quotes from your girls. C) Tally’s comment about not being cute…😂😂😂 That sounds so much like my mom and my daughter!! 🤣

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