All Ella: Episode 6

In bed, waiting for Bart to come home from a late school meeting
Ella: [tearfully] It’s just hard to be a kid.

Holding a jump rope and trying to convince Ani to hold the other end and act like a dog (apparently named “Jeffy”)
Ella: Come on, Jeffy. Be a good doggy. Do what I tell you.
Ani collapses on the floor and won’t move.
Ella: Well, then, I just won’t be your owner ANY MORE.

Out of nowhere
Ella: I hope they have food in prison.
Janssen: . . . .
Ella: So I don’t starve.

Explaining to Ella that Bart’s step-dad was married before and that his first wife died.
Ella: Did she have grandkids?
Janssen: No, she was pretty young.
Ella: Like four or five?
Janssen: No, I think she was probably about 35.
Ella: That is NOT young. Did you mean to say she was pretty old?

Ella: Come upstairs, Ani. Let’s go change your reeky reeky bum.

After braiding Ella’s hair into two little pigtail braids
Ella: [bursting into tears] I’m so worried no one will recognize me like this.

Ella: From now on, I want you to call us the names from Frozen.
Janssen: Okay, Elsa, your clothes are sitting right there. Why don’t you go get dressed?
Ella: Actually, your ship has already sunk and you are drowned.

Getting out of the bathtub, Ella trips on her towel and smacks her face on the wall
Ella: [crying] I just would have really preferred not to have done that.

P.S. More Ella hilarity here

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  1. Delightful as usual, though I am sorry she fell getting out of the bathtub. We borrowed Frozen and hope to watch it this evening, so we can see who Ella and Ani resemble. Glad to here Ella and Taggart are getting along well, I understand they both act as though they have been starved for conversation. Wish I were there to hear. Love to all.

  2. Ha.. love the dog named "Jeffy!" I will have to use that as a nickname for my husband as his name is Jeff!

  3. After one of possibly the most stressful weeks of my life, I find myself literally laughing out loud at some of her comments! Thanks for sharing, made my day! (And HOW do you keep a straight face?!?)

  4. Oh my goodness! The prison food and frozen comments were my favorite. I love a good bit of toddler hilarity. Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  5. Little kids always say things you'd think serial killers may say too. I bet your kid will grow up nice and sweet though…

  6. I'm in agreement with everyone else, she's a hilarious kid but the Frozen one got me. Too too funny!

  7. Obviously the Frozen one is good, but being worried that no one would recognize her with pigtails got me. The tears! What is it about the drama in the life of a 3 year old girl?

  8. My favorite post! This made my day. I find the comment about no one recognizing her to be particularly hilarious, for some reason.

  9. She is looking so old (like even from oct)……. it must be because she's another year older soon.

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