Girl Talk: Episode 7

Kids are just too funny!

On a road trip back from Las Vegas, we stopped at Denny’s for dinner and ordered some cinnamon roll pancakes with cream cheese drizzle. An older gentleman stopped by our table on his way out, put his hand on Bart’s shoulder and said, “You are living the dream.”
Bart: [after the man had left] Ella, why do you think he said that?
Ella: Um, because we had these cinnamon roll pancakes?

Ella: Do you think I’ll get married?
Janssen: Yes, probably.
Ella: What if I don’t?
Janssen: Well, that would be fine too.
Ella: I might be a little lonely.
Janssen: Maybe so.
Ella: Actually, I have too many sisters – I don’t know anything about loneliness.

Kids are just too funny!

Upon drinking eggnog for the first time
Ella: I would like to drink special milk like this for my whole life.

Looking at The Memory of an Elephant: An Unforgettable Journey
Ella: I wish this was a library book. Then we could take it back.

While fixing dinner for the girls:
Bart: Could you come help? I’m not as good at juggling as you are.
Ella: But you’re better at ACTUAL juggling than Mom is.

Kids are just too funny!

Looking at a can of A&W Root Beer
Ani: Can I have some of that camping soda?

Reading aloud from about apes
Ella: “Gorillas are the largest and most powerful kind of apes, but they are rarely aggressive.”
Ella: Oh, that’s like me!

Kids are just too funny!

Ella: I would love it if this new baby is even cuter than Star.
Bart: What if she’s not very cute?
Ella: . . . I’d put some makeup on her.

On my birthday, I got several different bars of chocolate from various friends
Ella: Do grown-ups mainly like dark chocolate so they don’t have to share with their kids?

Bart serves up bowls of ice cream at the counter and pushes one toward Star, sitting at the bar.
Star: [takes one look in the bowl and pushes it back to Bart] BIGGER.

Kids are just too funny!

Out of nowhere
Ani: I know a LOT about heaven and there is DEFINITELY no food there.

Bart shows the girls the above photo from our London Zoo trip in 2014
Ella: Is a gorilla really holding me in that photo?
Bart: No, we wouldn’t let a real gorilla hold you.
Ani: It’s just Dad wearing a gorilla costume!

Kids are just too funny!

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Kids are just too funny!

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    1. It's from Mini Boden – I looked this morning and I don't see that it's still available (I ordered it back in July).

  1. Love these posts. The things the girls say are priceless. And it is so fun to see that Star is such a part of things. I can just see her saying "Bigger."

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