Girl Talk: Episode 2

You'll die over the hilarious things these little girls say


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At lunch, Ani picks up a glass of milk leftover from breakfast and takes one sip
Ani: This milk is CRUSTY. I need clean milk.

Ella: Will eating too much fruit make you fat and short?

Bart: Ani, you’re being so cooperative!
Ella: And that’s a good reflection on ME because she learned that from my example.

During family scripture reading, we were reading about Cain and Abel and Seth.
Ella: Hey! I know a Seth!
Ella: Did you know that all of Celeste’s boys have names from the Bible?
[long pause]
Ella: Probably she’ll name her next boy ‘Satan.’

You'll die over the hilarious things these little girls say

When my mom was staying with my girls, she gave Ella a slice of bread with jam
Ella: This has the same shape as toast!
My Mom: Well, toast is made out of bread.
Ella: Oh. That makes sense, then.

In the car
Ella: Will you tell me a story about when you were little?
Ani: Don’t be a whiny baby, Ella!
Ella: I wasn’t being a whiny baby.
Ani: You was!
Ella: I wasn’t!
Ani: You was!
Ella: I wasn’t!
Ani: You was . . .a little bit.

You'll die over the hilarious things these little girls say

Janssen: Who is your mommy that loves you?
Ani: Daddy is my mommy that loves me.

Ani and Ella are watching an animal documentary together until Ella comes storming into my office where Bart and I are packing boxes
Ella: Ani won’t stop talking. She keeps saying “FISH live in the water. Ducks live in the water. Sharks live in the water.” I just can’t work like this.

Snuggling in our bed in the morning
Ella: Let’s go have breakfast. I’m so hungry, I’m not even hungry.
[expectant pause]
Ella: Well? Are you going to write that on your blog of funny things I say?

You'll die over the hilarious things these little girls say

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  1. Those shoes of Ani's are about the cutest ever, and I so wish I had a girl to buy them for. I mean, I could buy them for my boys, but I'm not that into gender-blindness in clothing.

    P.S. Happy vibes and lots of wishes for a smooth move. Best of luck. Pass the ice cream to you.

  2. Haaaaa! That last one is the best. My kids still don't understand blogs or even Facebook! We've tried to explain, but they think it's some sort of magic when we say "Grandma said X about your picture!"

  3. These are my absolute very 100% favorite posts of yours. I die laughing every single time. And after reading this one, I went back through the "Ella Says" posts and read them ALL again. So yeah. The thing that I think is so funny about them is that you can totally tell she is the child of a reader. I mean. Her vocabulary is unreal. It's like an adult speaking out of a child's mouth. It really just kills me every single time.

  4. These posts always make me laugh so hard! I'm still waiting for Jay to bust out some good lines like this on a regular basis.

  5. Maybe she will name her next one satan! ??? great healthy snack tips. All of these are favorites at our house too.

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