A Little Summer Shopping List

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One great thing about doing 31 for 31 is that I feel like I don’t need nearly as many items of clothing as I’ve thought in the past that I do.

The other great thing is that it’s helped me identify more clearly what I’m really missing in my closet. Instead of just randomly shopping, I can say, “I really need more than one pair of shorts, what with living on the surface of the sun for 5 months of the year. Also more bottles of sunscreen.”

Here are a couple of the things I’m looking for to finish off my closet for the summer.

1) A pair of tennis shoes that don’t look like I’m coming from the gym. I’ve loved every pair of sparkly, metallic shoes I’ve ever owned, but it had never occurred to me to buy a pair of metallic tennis shoes (or tennies, as we always called them when I was growing up), until I saw this pair on Shoe Dazzle.

via Shoe Dazzle

2) A sun hat. Bart bought me one for Mother’s Day a few years ago and I wore it until it was the saddest looking thing you’ve ever seen in your life. It finally had to be retired this year. Ella has become a pool nut this summer, so I’m definitely going to need one.

via Target

3) A simple, long-ish necklace. Having anything heavy around my neck in the summer makes me so uncomfortable. I love these simple sets. Plus, they are inexpensive enough that if one of my darling daughters breaks it, I will only be mildly annoyed (lies. I’ll be really annoyed).

4) A pair of white jeans. I’ve ordered a bunch of pairs from Old Navy in every conceivable size, but so far have struck out. Any suggestions?


5) A chambray shirt. I know I’m the last person on the face of the earth to buy one. Someone has to be the very final person to pick up on a trend. (I will also happily take this girl’s hair, thank you).


6) A pair of colored shorts. I’ve been so taken with colored pants in the last year or so (and they are so easy to wear with my endless supply of boring shirts), that I’m pretty sure I need a summer version. I’m thinking I might just hem the bright blue pair of jeans I own that are kind of an awkward length at the moment.

via KUT

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  1. I am still jonesing for white pants. I'd take capris too. Target had a couple pairs, but none in my size.

  2. I've been dying for a pair of white pants, too. Also, I wanted a pair of colored bermudas, so I just hacked a pair of pink pants. Done.

  3. Since we both hate collared shirts, I was curious if you'd go for a chambray shirt sometime. I caved when I found one at ON for $6, so even though it doesn't fit me PERFECTLY, it's definitely adequate.

  4. I just bought a pair of white jeans last week from H&M for $10! Old Navy struck out in the white jeans department for me too.

    Also, those metallic tennies are so fun!

  5. I think I actually win for last-person-to-pick-up-on-a-trend since I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans. And then bought two more pairs because, what was I thinking? The chambray shirt is on my list too. Old Navy had some that looked cute. I actually bought one in the fall but returned it because I didn't think I had anything to pair with it. I'm really slow in the clothing department apparently.

  6. You won't be the last to get the chambray shirt- I still haven't, and hesistate to, because as soon as I do, it's going to go out of style.

  7. Love those necklaces. I just bought a pair of white jeans from H&M for $10. They are that super soft, super stretchy jean material, I love them.

    1. lol… I was scrolling back up and noticed Merrick already mentioned the $10 white jeans. Which just means you have to get a pair too 🙂

  8. I don't have a chambray shirt either. It's at least partially due to the fact that I, like you, never think I look good in collared shirts. I was relieved to hear that I'm not the only one that has this collared shirt problem.

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