If You Guessed I Was Wearing a Black Shirt In this Post, You Are Right

Everyone on the planet has been talking about capsule wardrobes for the last couple of years.

I don’t have a massive wardrobe, but I don’t have a capsule wardrobe either.

Because I have a hack that eliminates the need for a capsule wardrobe.

Are you ready for this?

Just buy only black clothing.

Or, if you are an advanced student of style, maybe black clothing AND denim.

Probably I should write a fashion self-help book, but instead I’m going to just give away this super secret style advice for free.

I don’t do tons of clothing shopping, but for someone who does fairly minimal shopping, I own a LOT of black tops. My sister, who has probably 5 times as many items of clothing as I do, mentioned recently that she owned one black shirt.

I can count seven black shirts in my closet without even actually looking in my closet.

To me, black clothing is like magic.

Because do you know what black looks good with?


Denim? Yes. White? Yes. Dressed up? Yes. Dressed down? Yes. Bright colors? Yes. Neutrals? Yes.

Aside from those black tops, I also own multiple pairs of black jeans. And several black dresses. A couple of black skirts.

Black watches? Two of them.

Black shoes? Did you want the black sandals, the black heels, the black wedges, or the black flats?

You know how, on most clothing websites, you can set what color of item you want? I don’t know why I don’t just save myself the hassle when I’m shopping of looking through things that aren’t black because inevitably, if I find something I like, you can bet that I’ll choose it in black.

And I’m just now remembering that I wrote a version of this post in 2009 (side-note: never let me do that to my hair again, please) and then again in 2013 (hello, North Carolina driveway).

Probably in 2021, I’ll be popping back in to tell you that, “hey, I really like black clothing.”

Pretend you’ve never heard it before.

black shirt
BLACK JEANS • TOP (consignment; similar) • SANDALS BAG
SUNGLASSES (they’re $70 off right now!)WATCH (c/o) • NAIL POLISH
Photos by Christie Knight

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  1. I really love your black top but the link is to a different black shirt. Is the one you’re wearing still available anywhere?

  2. I had to check out your 2009 hair cut and had a good laugh – I had the EXACT hair style around that time and think the same thing! I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea! ?

  3. Yes! All black clothing is the best! It’s so easy to throw together and always look good. It’s made shopping so much easier, now my brain doesn’t even register the non-black options and I rarely buy something that isn’t black. Or when I do it’s white/gray… it’s my favorite life upgrade!

  4. You pull off black really well! I feel like for me it’s one of those colors that washes me out! I feel like I need bright colors to bring some life to my face.

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