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    A Valentine’s Headband Tutorial

    When we unpacked everything last week, I stumbled on this little Valentine’s headband I made Ani last year. And then I found the pictures I’d taken of it and remembered how ridiculously cute one-year-old…

  • Holidays Projects

    Mini Chalkboard Valentine Cards

    I could play it cool and be all, “Just a little Valentine’s card I whipped up,” but playing it cool has never been my strong suit.  So, just know I’m feeling ridiculously happy with…

  • Projects

    Foam Sticker Banner

    Sponsor-y post ahead. Consider yourself disclosed. Thanks, as always, for being a good sport (read on, and you’ll see that that, there, was a really fantastic and clever and highly original pun).  I would…

  • Fashion Projects

    Short(ened) Sleeves

    I did a little sewing recently, so obviously you know something must have been wrong. You were right. Something was wrong. My girls were both down for naps and the Internet wasn’t working. And…

  • Projects

    DIY Constellation Cards

    When I shared our confetti balloons earlier in the year, I mentioned that Bart had a goal to send something physical in the mail every month this year. I’m sure you are really impressed…