30 things to do with candy corn

To be honest, I don’t really love most non-chocolate candy.

But there is just something about candy corn that is really special. I don’t know what magic is going on there, but I definitely love candy corn.

Whether you want to eat it, decorate with it or play with it, here are 30 fun things to do with the most iconic candy of the season!

candy corn recipes


candy corn recipes


This candy corn trail mix couldn’t be easier to put together and it will make any fall outing a little more special! Instructions at Simply Taralynn

recipes with candy corn

easy turkey candy corn oreo cookies

These darling little turkeys are a great project for kids to work on (bookmark them for Thanksgiving and it’ll keep your kids busy while the grown-ups prep the main meal!) Instructions at Cake Whiz

recipes with candy corn

candy corn pretzel hugs

Sweet and salty is a no-fail combination and this candy corn spin is a winner! Plus, these are simple enough you could have your kids make them! Instructions at Sally’s Baking Addiction

candy corn recipes

candy corn and white chocolate soft batch cookies

I’ve made a bunch of cookies from Averie Cooks and never had one not be amazing. I can’t wait to try these ones this fall! Instructions at Averie Cooks

recipes with candy corn

candy corn pretzels

How fun are these? My girls would FLIP over these and they make the perfect addition to a treat plate. Instructions at Fun Money Mom

recipes with candy corn

candy corn blondies

Candy corn blondies? I say absolutely yes. Instructions at Modern Honey

candy corn recipes

mini candy corn cheesecakes

If you’ve seen a cuter dessert in your entire life. . . I don’t believe you. Instructions at Life, Love and Sugar

candy corn recipe ideas

candy corn chocolate chip cookie cake

Chocolate AND candy corn? Sign me right up for this cookie cake. Instructions at Life, Love and Sugar

candy corn recipes

pet ghosts

When you want a dessert that doubles as decoration? This is the one. Instructions at Penny Wise

recipes using candy corn

halloween candy bark

This Halloween bart couldn’t be easier and it’s just so darn cute. Swap in your favorite candies but definitely don’t skip the edible eyeballs. Instructions at Just a Taste

recipes using candy corn

payday fudge

I feel like Paydays are a deeply underrated candy bar, so I was DELIGHTED to see this Payday Fudge recipe. Instructions at Crazy for Crust

recipes with candy corn

sweet and salty muddy buddies

Whether you call them Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow, they’re always a hit at our house. And when you add in a little candy corn? October home run. Instructions at Lemon Tree Dwelling

candy corn recipes

candy coated CARAMEL apples

Our apple tree is going crazy this fall, so we’ll definitely be using some of our bounty for some caramel apples. Instructions at Boulder Locavore

candy corn recipes

butterscotch candy corn magic bars

I am a life-long fan of magic bars (I just introduced my girls to them for the first time this month!) and this candy version is too good to miss. Instructions at Itsy Bitsy Kitchen

recipes with candy corn

candy corn syrup

Want all the cool mom points in the world? This recipe is for you. Instructions at Daily Dish Recipes

candy corn decorations

candy corn mason jars

If you have 1000 mason jars sitting around, this is a fun way to make a few of them extra festive. Instructions at A Diamond in the Stuff

candy corn decoration ideas

candy corn wreath

Turn on a movie and pull out your glue gun! Instructions at Woman’s Day

candy corn halloween decorations

witch vitamin jars

I just about DIED over how cute these are! Instructions at Nest of Posies

candy corn activities

hedgehog pumpkins

If you love a no-carve pumpkin idea, this one is dang cute. Instructions at BHG

candy corn decorations

candy corn centerpiece

I’m not sure that instructions are really required for this one, but it’s very festive! Instructions at Williams Sonoma

candy corn centerpiece

candy corn goody bags

This is a perfect little treat for your kids to give to friends or neighbors this Halloween. Instructions at Pennie Post

candy corn garland

candy corn garland

I did this a few years ago and it was SO FUN. And yes, it does kind of take forever. Turn on a movie. Instructions for Homed It

candy corn printable

candy corn preschool printables

I mean, what school day isn’t made better by some candy corn? Instructions at This Reading Mama

candy corn playdough

edible candy corn play dough

My play-doh loving girls would lose their minds over this. Instructions at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

candy corn bingo

halloween printable bingo cards

This is a perfect little activity to do at home on a chilly fall day! Instructions at Pretty Providence

candy corn slime

candy corn sensory slime

If you’re the kind of fun mom who does slime (surprise: I am not), this will take your status up even higher. Instructions at Craftulate

Any other fun ways to use candy corn? I’ll take any excuse to buy another bag!

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  1. Hi!
    We dont have candy corn here in South Africa, otherwise I would’ve loved to do some of your ideas. Halloween is not big in South Africa either. And if anyone here in our conservative community hears halloween, they immediatly assosiate it with devil worship etc. So we miss a lot of all the fun!

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