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7 Delightful Non-Fiction Books about Books and Reading

When you love books like I do, there’s nothing quite so delightful as a book ABOUT books and reading.

Whether it’s a book that inspires me to read more with my children or helps me find the best books to read on my own or with them or just reminds me of all the joys of  being a reader, these are books about books I love (and own most of them because they’re too good not to have your own copy to return to again and again).

books about reading

7 Delightful Books about Books and Reading

The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids by Sarah Mackenzie
If I had to choose one book about books to share, it would be this one. I find this book about the importance of reading with your children so inspiring and empowering. I cried when I read it and I feel like it’s one of those books every parent should read. (Full review here)

The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
I mean, this is just the Bible of books about books. It’s full of research about reading aloud with your children, plus tons of book lists. My mom owned a copy of this my whole life and returned to it frequently and gave it as gifts to many many other parents. A new edition (the 8th!) just came out in September.

I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel
I don’t naturally gravitate toward essay collections, but I love Anne Bogel and of course, I love this topic, so I picked it up and then I COULDN’T STOP READING. For every book lover, this is like the most delightful chat with a friend who just GETS what it’s like to be a bookworm.

Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie C. Martin
I bought myself a copy of this a couple of years ago and it’s such an amazing resource. It recommends books to help introduce your child to the whole world, with recommendations divided by age and focusing on all areas of the world. For less than $8? It’s a no-brainer.

Children’s Books and Their Creators by Anita Silvey
My in-laws gave this hefty book to all their children along with a collection of their family favorite children’s books years ago (before I met Bart), and while I’m not sure he’s ever opened it, I’ve been using it ever since. When we were doing author studies with 2nd grade classes when I was a school librarian, it was a great way for me to quickly learn about famous authors and illustrators and have some fun things to share with my students to help bring these creators to life.

The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction by Meghan Cox Gurdon
This feels like a more academic version of The Read-Aloud Family, with so much research behind why it matters so much to read to your children. I am IN LOVE with this book and can’t stop recommending it.

How to Raise a Reader by Pamela Paul and Maria Russo, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino
The second I saw this cover, I knew I had to read it. And it’s even BETTER than I anticipated with guides to walk you through each stage of your child’s reading development from baby to teen. It includes things to avoid, strategies for making it enjoyable and meaningful and excellent booklists. I LOVE this book.

books about reading

And here are a few more books about books that are on my list to read:

Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World by Maryanne Wolf
I saw this book on the hold shelves when I was picking up my own holds and immediately requested it. As someone who is constantly fighting the distractions of the digital world in order to make more time for books, this is a topic I’m very interested in.

Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson
I’ve started this book but it keeps getting requested before I can finish it. Listing it here probably isn’t going to help that problem.

books about reading

And if you’d like a printable copy of this list that you can take to your library or screenshot on your phone for easy access, just pop in your email address below and it’ll come right to your inbox!

Any other favorite books about books? I’d love to hear!


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  1. This is a fantastic list, thank you so much! I’ve also really been relying a lot on Books That Build Character: A Guide to Teaching Your Child Moral Values Through Stories by William Kilpatrick. It is so hard to pick good books for kids to read and the way this is organized keeps it so simple.

  2. I have a copy of Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt. It overlaps with some of the books you’ve mentioned, in that it talks about the importance of reading together (mostly from a relationship-building standpoint), but when I get overwhelmed by all the infinite number of book lists online, it’s really nice to have her focused and trustworthy book list in my hands.

  3. Book Girl, of course. All the hearts.

    Also, Honey for a Child’s Heart. Beautifully curated collection of books that enrich children. I’ve used and gifted it multiple times.

  4. This list made me so happy! So many of my favorites on on there. 🙂
    Have you read “Reading Magic” by Mem Fox? That’s another great book about why it’s important to read to children, and she include a great list of books (that include some of her own, too. :))

  5. Deconstructing Penguins: Parents, Kids, and the Bond of Reading, by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. This book has helped me have some AMAZING literary discussions with my elementary age kids.

  6. I have read most of these! I loved “Reader Come Home.” I listened to it on audiobook summer of 2020 and found myself learning SO much. I highly recommend it!

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