A Little Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is next week and I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by!

I mostly feel like I got a new house for my birthday, so my birthday wishlist is pretty small this year.

Here are a few of the things that made the cut:

Chelsea Boots. I should have just bought these during the Nordstrom Sale when they were less expensive but . .. sometimes you’re just not that smart.

A Yoga Mat Holder. Our home gym is one of the last spaces to be finished in this house and it’s a big thrill to finally have a dedicated space (I’m pretty sure that’s the thing that sold Bart on this house – he even wrote into our offer that they include the 75 pound weights!). Since we have a bunch of yoga mats, I’ve had my eye on one of these wall holders so they can have a tidy place to live off the floor!

Madewell Leather Loafers. I’ve had a pair of neutral loafers for the past two years and I LOVE them, but they’re finally just getting to the point where they look sad instead of put together. This pair in English Saddle is so chic and perfect for fall.

Minky Couture Blanket. Bart got one of these last year (from the bank . . . I’m clearly doing my business banking at the wrong place) and it is hands-down the best blanket we own. And we own a lot. I really want one of my own! Use the code BRADSHAW45 for 45% off!

An Address Stamp. My mom bought me one for our last two houses and I just love it so much! Now that we’ve moved, I need a new one and there are so many fun options!

I’d love to hear some of the best birthday gifts you’ve received (or what’s on your birthday wishlist!).



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  1. My birthday is on the 12th of Sep! No wonder we share a lot of in common stuff. I have discovered you on Pinterest last year and since then I have been backtracking your old entries in your blog to read every post you have written! I reached 600 pages hahaha. It’s my favorite thing to do when my kids sleep, reading your old posts.

    Anyways, since my birthday is tomorrow, i have a list on my phone:

    A mattress topper
    Colehaan oxfords 👞
    A laptop bag (preferably Tumi Slim)
    J crew winter PJ ( the strapped one)
    A discounted H&M double breasted Blazer in black!
    Name tag chain

    That’s it ♥️ I will probably get only one off my list from my husband, and the rest i would have to save for it 😂 where we come from we don’t celebrate adults birthdays as much.

    I have planned the perfect solo date for my birthday. I will drop off my kids to school and take a day off from work.

    I have booked a morning movie at the cinema, The Qeenpins. And then i will have the perfect solo brunch and write my reflections and goals on turning 34, then will end this perfect date with window shopping.

    I wanted to be solo because this is what I’m craving the space for this time of my life. I just want a space of my own.

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