A Little Birthday Wishlist

I cannot believe my birthday is just around the corner (I’ll be 35 this year!).

Every year, my mom and Bart ask what I want for my birthday and I always can think of exactly zero things, so in the last couple of years, I’ve started keeping a running list of things I’d love as birthday gifts.

Here’s what is on my list this year.

gift ideas for women

Revlon Hot Air Brush. I’ve heard Merrick talk about this for at least two years and never even considered buying one and then I used hers over the summer and . . . now I need one.

A Monogrammed Water BottleI come by my love of monograms from my mom and when I saw the display of these glass and bamboo water bottles in the store this summer, I was instantly in love. I also couldn’t believe how affordable they are!

A Mini BackpackI’ve used a crossbody bag for the past year or so but I’m ready to go back to a backpack (hands-free forever!). Since I don’t have any babies, I don’t need something very big. If you have one you love, I’m all ears for brand and style suggestions!

Stock Pot. I mentioned that I learned to can this summer and it was VERY thrilling to me. But when I did it myself at home, I had to rig up a somewhat precarious situation with a not quite big enough pot and a fake jar rack, so I’d LOVE a real set. If there was ever a sign that I was not 23 anymore, it’s the fact that canning supplies are on my birthday wishlist.

A winter nightgown. I was anti nightgown for most of my life until the last year. Now I’m a total fan and I love this cozy thermal one in cream. Pretty sure my winter pajama collection needs this.


I’d love to hear some of the best birthday gifts you’ve received (or what’s on your birthday wishlist!).



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  1. You should TOTALLY try steam canning before you invest in a stockpot and rack! Seriously you can do the same stuff so much faster/easier because of how much less water. And it’s officially approved for the same things as water bath canning. I love it so much.

  2. I purchased the dagne Dover backpack (smallest size) at the beginning of summer and love it! It’s a scuba-like material, doesn’t hold stink, sweat wicking, washes well, and has useful compartments and zippers!

  3. I have a regular stock pot too but I use this little gadget in the pot to keep the glass jars from sitting in the bottom (sometimes the glass can break and after all the work to preserve food that’s the LAST thing you want!) You can use it for half pint and pint jars on one side and for quart jars if you flip it over. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Prepworks from Progressive… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007QT4GO4?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

  4. Fawn design mini backpack! It’s my fave and both my sisters own one too. Can’t go wrong and we don’t have babies either.

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