When I Get to Make Christmas Morning Magic

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One of my favorite parts of Christmas last year was surprising my four kids with a giant Squishmallow for each of them.

They LOVE Squishmallows (like millions of other kids!) but I don’t think they ever suspected for a moment that we’d actually buy them one, especially a really large one.

I’m a very practical person and gifts aren’t my love language, both of which my children know well.

But I remember clearly the Christmas when I was ten and my parents gave me the doll of my dreams that I never ever thought I’d own (I still have her nearly three decades later!), and there really was no magic like a Christmas wish you hardly dared to dream come true.

And doing that for my girls last year was absolute parenting magic.

This year, riding high on the success of that, when I spotted these Squishmallow slippers at Walmart, I knew there was no way I was going to pass them up.

And better yet, they’re included in the Walmart Annual Event and they’re only $10! I love that Walmart makes it easy for me to be a fun parent without breaking the bank and they really came through for me this holiday season.

I ordered four pairs (Walmart has 12 different styles all marked down to $10!) with a different style for each girl and I’ve hidden them away to give to them on December 1st as part of our December 1st dinner where we give them their Christmas pjs and their advent calendars to kick off the month.

(Psst . . . the Walmart Annual Event also includes some bananas savings on pajamas, plus savings on all the hottest items on your Christmas list this year! Walmart has the Ninja Creami – the number one item on my personal wishlist this year! – at the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere online).

I’m so excited for them to open these Squishmallow slippers up – I know they’ll be absolutely thrilled!

Being a fun parent doesn’t come naturally to me, so I love it when I see opportunities to make my kids’ lives just a bit more magical and I actually take them!

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