My 2022 Christmas Wish List

The hardest gift guide I do the whole year is the one for ME!

And it doesn’t seem to be just me because at this time of year, I start getting a slew of messages asking, “Are you doing a Christmas Wish List post this year? I have no idea what I want for Christmas and I need some inspiration!”

It’s surprisingly hard, as an adult, to figure out what you should get for Christmas!

But I persevered and was able to come up with several gift ideas that would delight me when Christmas morning rolls around!

christmas presents in lap

I’ve seen literally one gazillion ads for these joggers on Instagram and even gotten a catalog in my mailbox and . . . I’d really like to try them out. They just look like the perfect cozy thing to put on after skiing or on a laid-back weekend at home. I mentioned them on Instagram last week and got a FLOOD of messages from people saying they were the best ever.



50 must read puzzle50 MUST-READ BOOKS PUZZLE
I did their Travel puzzle this fall and absolutely loved it, and I’ve had my eye on this book version since then. Perfect for cold evenings inside during January and February!



food scaleFOOD SCALE
This summer, I had my food scale (which I bought more than a dozen years ago) on my office floor (I was weighing some packages to mail out) and I accidentally stepped on it. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said the weight limit was 13 pounds. I’ve been missing it every time I bake or need to weigh out produce for a recipe.



cloth napkinsCLOTH NAPKINS
We don’t have a great set of cloth napkins and when I was setting the table for my dad’s birthday dinner a few weeks ago, I thought, “I’d really love a beautiful, fun set!”




keyless entryKEYLESS ENTRY
There is nothing that makes me feel like a middle-aged woman more than the fact that I DESPERATELY want one of these. We stayed in an Airbnb this fall that had one and it was the best thing that the girls could just let themselves in when we were coming back without waiting for us to pull out the keys.



Bart bought me a set of two of these last year for my birthday and I’ve loved them, but one of them wandered off somewhere and having one annoys me almost daily because I use them so often! This set of three would really even things out nicely.



rothy's flatsROTHY’S FLATS
So many people have mentioned to me in DMs how much they LOVE these flats and I would love to finally try out a pair (plus, my leather Madewell flats are my go-to shoes because they slip on and off so easily, even if they did take a solid YEAR to break in) and look good with everything. So a new pair of flats would be well used in my closet!



As for stocking stuffers (in my opinion, the best part of Christmas morning), here are some things I’d be delighted to see on Christmas morning:

usb lighterUSB LIGHTER
Winter is CANDLE SEASON and it’d be nice not to be always trekking to the kitchen to get my broken box of matches. Note to Bart: the rose gold one is much better than the black.



My old frother broke and I miss it every time I have Mixhers or make myself some mushroom hot chocolate (I know it sounds gross – I promise it’s not!) or a cup of Perk Chill.



olive and june ECC NAIL POLISH
My need for more nail polish is exactly zero. . . but that’s not stopping me from wanting this crisp neutral polish, perfect for the winter days ahead!



gear tiesCORD TIES
The other day, I realized that my bin of cords was absolutely out of control and all the cords were so twisted up with each other that it was a huge pain to get a single one out. Cord ties to the rescue!



shine lip glossGOALS LIP GLOSS
My friend Ralphie was telling me this week that this is her all-time favorite lip color and that was enough to convince me to try it out. Use the code JANSSEN10.




And here are a few items on my team’s wishlists this holiday season:


glossier perfumeGLOSSIER PERFUME
I’m almost out of my current perfume and have heard great things about this one. It’s supposed to mix with your natural skin oils and create a scent that fits you!



foldable wagonFOLDABLE WAGON
I know this isn’t that fun, but I really need something I can lug all of our stuff around in when we go to soccer games and such. Right now we have one of those clunky plastic ones that I can’t take anywhere and takes up WAY too much space in our garage. I can’t wait to get this foldable one to take everywhere.


I’ve been eyeing these sneakers for a long time, and then when I saw a news article where Princess Kate was wearing them, I knew I really couldn’t wait to try them. I love the mix between casual and sporty. I’m not one to have tons of different pairs of shoes, but I love high quality classic styles that will last a long time. That is one of the reasons I feel okay splurging on a pair of shoes I know I will wear them a lot. I really love the white and neutral, but the white with black V is also so classic!


gold silverwareGOLD FLATWARE 
I’ve had dinner at several people’s homes (including Janssen’s!) where they have had beautiful gold silverware. I think it is so beautiful and dresses up a table setting so nicely. This set on Amazon is very reasonably priced and would be so perfect for Christmas dinner!




charcuterie cardsCHARCUTERIE CARDS
My 3-year-old is going through a stage where the only thing he wants to eat are sushi and charcuterie boards. And by charcuterie board I mean only the fancy ones with goat cheese logs, prosciutto, and olives. I have been eyeing these cheese board cards to help give me some more ideas plus, I love putting together a cheese board for entertaining or a little gift for friends.



Several of my favorite influencers have raved about this denim jacket in the past several months. Let’s just say I am influenced 100%. I would never spend this amount of money on myself, especially for one article of clothing, but I know my husband is desperate to buy me something. Right now, I know there is a 40% off code floating around which makes it much more reasonable. My old denim jacket is 10+ years old, so I know it’s a closet staple that I will have for years.



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  1. We bought a new house this summer and it had a keyless entry and it is AMAZING! The joy of being able to leave the house without worrying about keys–it’s so easy to lock/unlock. And yes, the kids can get themselves in & out no problem. Highly highly highly recommend!

  2. We have had keyless entry for the past 10 years. When we purchased our new house, it was the first change we made, installing keyless locks. They are the best and I could never go back to keys.

  3. We installed a keyless entry a few months ago, and it has been GREAT! I knew I was nearing middle age when I started admiring other people’s fences. Haha. Things I never expected to care about!

  4. I am eyeing the denim jacket from able also. And basically you can never go wrong with more olive and June. We will not talk about how full my collection is. 🤐😂

  5. I’m not an influencer but I can 1000% say the ABLE denim jacket is amazing!! I absolutely love mine and want to get the black one too!! All the denim jackets I had before were uncomfortable and I wore them for looks only, so now that I have one that’s comfortable as well as looks good it gets worn so much more!

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