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Bart’s office doesn’t have a work party this year, and I don’t have an office (or a party), so it’s appearing that our chances of having any opportunity to dress up this holiday season are low.

When I was pregnant with Ani, Bart’s work party was two days after my due date, and since we didn’t have a baby yet, I put on one of the very few dresses that still fit me (which, needless to say, was not very festive) and some ill-conceived heels and we went.

And there is something weirdly enjoyable about everyone asking when your baby is due and saying,
“Two days ago.”

Also, when you’re that pregnant, no one says anything if you eat five desserts in a row (although it’s not really even possible to do so because your stomach and other various organs are so squished, that you’re lucky if you can eat more than one cookie in a single sitting).

All of which is to say, sometimes you have a dress and nowhere to go, and sometimes you have somewhere to go but absolutely nothing to wear to said event.

Sadly, this seems to hold true whether or not you’re pregnant, if all those times I’ve been frantically searching for a dress the day before a wedding or other big event are any indicator.

I bought my dress for Landen’s wedding 12 hours before she got married, after months of fruitless looking. And I’m pretty sure I spent months hunting for a dress for Merrick’s wedding too and then just ended up borrowing one of Landen’s when I came up completely empty handed.

I probably should start looking for a dress to wear to my younger brother’s wedding immediately, in case he happens to get engaged in the next five years or so.

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  1. Oh my goodness that dress! I *love* it. You look amazing! Hope your little one gets here soon. That last week or so of waiting is the hardest!

  2. That's the truth! When I was looking for a dress for my nephew's wedding this fall I ended up with something I wasn't thrilled with but now I have 3 serious contenders for Christmas! It's all ThredUp's fault…they've gotten me in a dress buying habit…

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