A Few Early Second Trimester Outfits

We went to the pool for a group swimming activity about a month ago and it was extremely overcast (and had rained earlier) and we were coming straight from the library, so I just brought along Ella’s suit and rolled my pants up a bit and dipped my feet in the water.

One of the other moms said to me, “Do you really wear jeans all summer long?”

I said, “No, of course not. It just wasn’t that hot this morning, blah, blah, blah.” And then I stopped and said, “Actually, that’s a lie. I do wear jeans all summer long.”

And, these pictures were taken over the last six weeks, so, no, I’m not nearly as tiny anymore as I was in some of these pictures, particularly that far left one. Oh, those good old days.

Also, hey, I got my haircut! It kind of looks a little Cleopatra-ish in that far right photo. Less so now that I’m in the swing of doing it now. In fact, I think I’ve successfully managed to make my hair look identical to my old hair except a little shorter. I am an expert at a single hairstyle – cut it any way you’d like! It’ll just end up looking exactly the same. I like to think of that as my superpower (my husband would say that is the lamest superpower he’s ever heard of. He would not be wrong).

From left to right:
Shirt: Old Navy, Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: Ross, Sandals: Old Navy, Necklace: Landen’s
Shirt: Borrowed from Landen, Jeans: Ross, Shoes: Kohl’s
Tank: Old Navy, Sweater: Downeast Basics (from Ralphie), Jeans: Ross, Shoes: Payless
Top: Hollister, Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Fossil
Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Ross, Shoes: Target

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  1. Hey – I just got my hair cut, too! Except mine is ridiculously thick and finicky, and never ends up laying the same way. Bah.

    Also, I just cannot fathom how you manage to wear jeans in the summer. I don't think I've worn any sort of pants in 2 months, actually. Humidity + fabric on my legs just makes me squirm. But you look adorable, of course.

  2. Love these outfits….especially the last shirt. Oh, and I've always had that same hair problem, which I will now refer to as a superpower.

    Are you sure your superpower isn't wearing stripes? 🙂

  3. Tee-hee, I love the idea of styling your hair in a single style as a superpower! I'm writing a book and everyone in it gets a chance to have their own superpower – maybe I'll have to work that one in somewhere, haha!

    And I'm totally the same way – my sister is a professional hair stylist and every time she cuts my hair she tries to get me to do something more exciting with it. I win every time. 🙂 Luckily, she knows me well enough to know that I don't really 'style' my hair, per-say. I just let it air dry and then I comb it. Anything more than that takes too much time for me to do on a daily basis.

  4. It could be because I am very much in the third trimester of my pregnancy (due in a little over a week… wild!) and because we do not have air conditioning… but honestly don't remember the last time I wore jeans. I never found maternity capris I liked either. So pretty much I wear a skirt every single day.

    Love the striped shirts!

  5. All these outfits are so cute, and your hair looks great – but I think possibly wearing jeans during a Texas summer is your super power! Here I am in Massachusetts and I can't bear the thought of putting on jeans in the heat. I wish I could, though, because I really have a hard time finding decent pairs of shorts to buy!

  6. Spencer made fun of me endlessly our first summer married because I wore jeans all summer long. And now? I don't touch them for months. Too sweaty.

  7. Lucky you staying so small. I was always in maternity clothes by 3 months. Your hair is cute. If it works, why mess with it, right? 😉

  8. I am loving your Disney Baby posts. I am also super awkward about telling people I'm pregnant. With my first we did not tell ANYONE until 15 weeks. When we finally announced it in church We already knew we were having a boy. It was a little ridiculous. I vowed not to do that the second time around and told my close friends and family much earlier. 10 weeks maybe. But when my parents asked if I wanted to tell other people (like my grandmother for goodness sakes) I said no that is why I am telling you do you can tell everyone else. How embarrassing. I am glad I am not alone in my awkwardness.

  9. I don't know how you do it, I absolutely can't stand the thought of putting my jeans on in the summer. But your jeans are way cute.

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