My 12 Favorite Products of the Year

One of my favorite parts of December online is all the best-of-the-year lists.

Whether it’s books, products, movies or more, I’m here for every single one of those lists!

For the last four years, I’ve put together an end-of-year list of some of my very favorite products (you can see the 2019 list here, the 2020 list here, the 2021 list here, and the 2022 list here) and I love keeping an eye out all year for products that make the cut!

Here are my very favorite products of 2023!

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12 Favorite Products of the Year

Pony Pick
This is such a little thing but makes ALL the difference for me each morning when I’m doing my girls’ hair. It makes it SO easy to remove those little rubber bands without snapping my fingers or pulling their hair. I used it one time and then refused to ever be without it.

Zella Joggers
I’ve heard people rave about these joggers for YEARS and I finally ordered a pair. Turns out . . .everyone was right. They quickly became my go-to jogger for a casual outfit. The fit is perfect! (For working out, the Senita Weekend Joggers are my favorite and for lounging, the Vuori joggers are my favorite).

Nike Waterproof Shoes
When I started running in January, having a pair of running shoes that kept my feet warm and dry AND had great tread for slick roads and icy sidewalks was a game changer. I just pulled them back out a few weeks ago as the weather turned cold and I’m so glad to have them! (When the weather is nice, I wear these running shoes).

Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans
I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans since I wear jeans most of them and these are my #1 favorite style. They’re a perfect step away from skinny jeans without looking like I’m trying to be 16. I have them in the gray/black and also a lighter blue and I love them both! (I order mine in a petite length).

Linen Sheets
I’ve mentioned before that our room is one of the hottest in the house during the summer (and, naturally, the coldest in the winter) and several people recommended we try linen sheets. I ordered a set during a sale this spring and Bart and I both LOVED them. In fact, when cold weather rolled around, I asked Bart if he wanted to switch back to our regular cotton ones and he didn’t even hesitate – the linen sheets stay!

Cole Haan Sneakers
I ordered these sneakers at the beginning of summer and wore them a million times, including virtually every single day on our Paris trip. Super comfortable, incredibly light and go with everything.

Shine Eyeliner Pencil
I haven’t used an eyeliner pencil in years, but this year I was ready to switch things up a bit and I ordered Shine’s eyeliner pencil. One day and I was hooked – it’s so smooth and crisp. I use the Classic Black and my code is JANSSEN10.

Belt Bag
I took this bag EVERYWHERE in Japan and Paris – I used it every single day – and it really is a perfect travel or everyday bag. Hands-free, just big enough for the essentials (wallet, Kindle, phone, lip gloss, a small snack), and looks good with everything. My code is JANSSEN.

90s Huggies Earrings
Last year, I snuck in Hey June huggie earrings as a bonus favorite product of the year and I’ve continued to love them this year. My current go-to are the 90s Huggies – I love the size and that they add a little pizazz without being TOO flashy. My Hey June code is JANSSEN.

Geometry Beach Towels
I’ve been a fan for a while of Geometry’s kitchen towels (they’re so good!) but then Analese on my team raved about their beach towels and I ordered a few to try. She was right! They fold down so much smaller than a normal towel, dry like a dream, and are so cute. We packed them for a beach vacation this summer and they were so much better than any other towel. My code is JANSSEN15.

Cole Haan Wedge Sandals
I eyed these sandals all last summer and then this summer finally snagged a pair. And I wore them ALLL summer long and well into the fall. They were worth every penny – they are one of those magical pairs of shoes that looks good with a dress, jeans, or basically anything else AND they’re comfortable enough to wear all day every day.

Super Firm Serum
I’m a long-time fan of Dime’s skin care products (I use The Works every single day!) but this past year I’ve really become a super fan of the Super Firm Serum (when I was telling my mom about it, I referred to it as Botox in a Bottle). I use it a few times a week and it makes a noticeable difference for me! My code is BRADSHAW20.

BONUS favorite: This is more of a service than a product, but we got a Vivint security system this year and having keyless entry on our front door and a doorbell camera and cameras for our back deck has been THE best upgrade. It’s so convenient every day and when we travel. I LOVE it. (My code is JANSSEN30).

I’d love to hear what YOUR favorite products this year have been!

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