What I Wore on our Paris Trip

For our Paris trip, Bart and I each packed a full-size suitcase (we have two sets of this three-piece set) and the four girls shared two of the mid-size suitcases, so we had four pieces of luggage total, which we checked both ways. 

I knew the weather would be pretty nice (all the forecasts were in the seventies) so I mostly packed light things with jackets. After the first two days, Bart and I never took our jackets (or in his case, sweaters) out again, because it was just too warm. 

The real MVPs of this trip, packing wise, were my Cole Haan sneakers. I took two pairs of sneakers (my beloved Eccos and the Cole Haan Crosscourts) plus my favorite pair of sandals and, as a gamble, these Lucky loafers. I never ended up wearing the sandals or the loafers and after the first day, I wore my Cole Haan sneakers the rest of the trip. They handled the 120,000 steps we packed in with zero issues – not a rub, blister or any other issue – and they just felt a little more stylish and fun than my Eccos. These are the no-show socks I wear with all my sneakers. 

I also took along this skirt, this sweater, these jeans, and another short sleeve sweater that I never ended up wearing because they all seemed a little too warm. Because we were staying with my cousin in his apartment, we had easy access to a washing machine so I ended up washing my Madewell orange pants after a pigeon pooped on them plus the black tee I was wearing that day and rewore the orange pants with a different top and rewore the black tee with my Anthropologie green pants again. 

I also took two pairs of Tommy John pajamas (my all-time favorite pajamas) and I ended up wearing the lighter pair every single night because it was so warm and never pulled out the warmer pair. 

I also used this belt bag every single day – I love it because I can fit my wallet, phone, phone charger, and Kindle, plus some chapstick. And it looks higher end than a nylon one like the beloved Lululemon one.

I wore this Hey June necklace every day of the trip (my code is JANSSEN), plus these two bracelets (which I wear 24/7 and never take off) and rotated between this pair of earrings and this pair of earrings. 

All of these outfits felt just right to me – I never felt like I looked like I was trying too hard or overdressed but I never felt embarrassingly underdressed either. And all of these are outfits I would or have worn at home, so I always felt comfortably like ME. 

What I Wore on our Paris Trip

  paris outfits

WEDNESDAY – Travel Day

paris outfits


paris outfits


paris outfits


what to wear in paris


paris outfits


paris outfits



THURSDAY – Travel Day 

Any questions about what I wore in Paris or any of these items of clothing? I’m happy to answer – leave your questions in the comments! 


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