Our 11 Favorite Travel Games

We’re definitely a game family and I love taking along a game when we travel.

Whether we’re hanging out at the airport, enjoying a little down time at our hotel or AirBnb, or waiting for our food at a restaurant, it’s nice to have a game to whip out and play together.

Plus, a familiar game can be really comforting in an unfamiliar setting.

Here are some of our favorite easy-to-transport games to take along when we travel!

travel games

Favorite Travel Games for Kids and Families

spot it travel

Spot It.
This one is a favorite – you can play with just a few people or a whole crowd and it’s quick and simple to pick up (in fact, one time we were on a double date with some friends and while we were waiting for our table, we walked down to a toy store that had this out and the four of us played several VERY competitive rounds. It’s truly fun for all ages).

Sushi Go

Sushi Go. I really started loving this game last year – it’s a small deck but does require a bit more time since you play three rounds so you’ll want a bit more time (perfect if you’ve got some time to burn!).

Cover Your Assets. This is probably our most oft-played travel game. I’ve played endless rounds with my girls while we waited for the car’s oil to get changed, every day on our Hawaii trip back in 2019 and at countless family reunions and friend trips. It’s fast paced and fun and everyone in our family can play it!


Yahtzee. This is a classic and all you need is a scorecard and some dice! We’ve been playing this one for YEARS as a family, plus it’s a great way to practice a little bit of math. Yamslam is a similar idea although the box is a bit big for easily transporting.

dutch blitz

Dutch Blitz. This is basically the same as Wackee 6 or Nerts and it’s a fun speed game that can accommodate a lot of players! Just beware – it can get intense!

gnoming a round game

Gnomin’ Around. We took this one to Japan and my girls played it on the airplane (the nine cards BARELY fit on the seat back tray tables). This is probably my very favorite card game and we’ve played it on dozens of trips over the years – it always earns a spot in my backpack or purse!

monopoly deal

Monopoly Deal. My interest in playing regular Monopoly is zero (no time for that!) but this card version is super portable and way more fun. Tally and I played this over breakfast daily for weeks at the beginning of last school year and I never got tired of it.

zeus on the loose

Zeus on the Loose. This was a new to us game on our Japan trip and we played it pretty much every day – the girls learned it the first morning while we were still getting ready and then we played a few rounds every morning and evening at our Airbnb – definitely a hit!


Bananagrams. Bart and I have been playing speed scrabble together or with friends since the earliest days of our marriage and Bananagrams is an easy way to take it on the go in that that fun banana shaped zipper pouch!

SET game

Set. I grew up playing this pattern spotting game and now my girls love to play it too. This is a great one for a group or just two people (in fact, Tally loves to play it on her own!).

the bears and the bees

The Bears and the Bees. This Grandpa Beck game is always a hit and it’s so beautiful. You’ll need a big flat spot to play it since you’re building out an increasingly big hive, but it’s a great one to take along to an Airbnb.

Any other favorite travel games? I’d love to hear what’s been a hit with your family when you travel!

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  1. Happy Salmon is my new favorite game. Quick, fun, easy to learn and bonus it’s a great ice breaker that f you have new friends over.

    1. Tenzi, YES! That is a good one. My new favorite is SKYJO. You need a flat space, kitchen table size, to play. Kept a youth group busy and laughing for hours. You get better as you play at using strategy to win. SO fun!

  2. I would love a video of how to play the assets game from your family 💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. My newly turned 4 year old loves spot it (thanks to one of your previous posts!). Which of these do you think would be appropriate for him at his age i.e rules aren’t too complicated

  4. We took Gnoming Around to Costa Rica a couple of summers ago and when I went through security at the LA airport they took it out of my bag and inspected it with a very confused look :> Love Grandpa Beck games!

  5. We have played SO MUCH Monopoly Deal since we got it 2 months ago. Our 5 year old is especially vicious at it. And it’s a great transition activity when coming home from school or whatever, gets us all used to being around each other again!

  6. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is one of our favorite games. It’s a fast paced game of skill and doesn’t require a lot of space.

  7. We love Five Crowns – even my six year old loves it!! It can get very competitive when the whole whānau (family) gets together!

  8. We love genius square! The kids play it when they wake up early while we are camping. It can be played alone or with another player. Gnomin’ around is my absolute favorite also! We opted for cover your cookies instead of cover your assets, and Grandpa Becks team did an incredible job on it. We love it, and even the three year old can steal cookies!

  9. Spot it is STILL a favorite for my teens! Didn’t know about some of these but we need some new ones, so thank you! Any suggestions for games with a deck of cards? If I play one more round of go fish….!!!!

    1. The playing card brand Bicycle has an app you can download for rules to play all kinds of card games! I think they even have filter options for age and number of players to help you find games that’ll work for your situation. It’s called Bicycle How to Play on the Google Play Store. 🙂

  10. We recommend Mille Bournes card game. One my husband played as a kid and continues on with our kids! Sleeping Queens, Bananagrams and Taco, Cat, Goat Cheese, Pizza a fast and FUN game.

  11. This is a great list! We enjoy many of these games. One we play when we are driving is Rubberneckers. It’s a deck of cards with items to spot out the windows. We started playing this when my kids were 5-12. We still pull it out sometimes and the kids are 14-21!

  12. For ages 14+, or an adult game night, a fabulous game we just played was PRIORITIES. Only a deck of “cards” and no real learning involved so great to take anywhere!Super easy to play and so very hilarious!! We played it with our grown children and spouses over the holiday and had so much fun. We all learned things about our each other. Highly recommend!!!

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