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    Would you do me a favor?

    Today is the last official day of Winter Break and on Monday, my girls go back to school and Bart goes back to work and real life starts back up. I’ve taken most of…

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    Summer Plans

    Have I mentioned 10,000 times how happy I am that summer is here? To be fair, this week has still be a little bumpy, as I try to catch up from a holiday weekend…

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    Mourning the End of an Era

    The school year finishes today and Ella is officially done with kindergarten. There have been a lot of great things about this school year, but frankly it has been somewhat of a difficult year…

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    Settling In

    It’s been nearly ten months since we moved to Arizona. I’ve moved enough now to recognize that, for me at least, it takes close to a year to start feel like I really belong…