The Best Book Accessories

Last week, I made a reel about being in your Reading Era and I asked what the best book accessories are.

There were so many fun answers and I decided I needed to make a post about my favorite book accessories.

Obviously, the only thing you REALLY need is a good book, but a fun book accessory or two can really make the reading experience that much more fun!

book accessories

The Best Book Accessories

  1. Bookmark. I love a good bookmark (I have a post of my favorites here!) and some people really go above and beyond! One reader said of her bookmarks, “One that is appropriate for the book and its genre.” That’s next level!
  2. Book light. I showed this book light in my reel and I’ll never get over how how great it is – I tried so so many book lights (I did a whole post about them here) and this one was the hands down winner for adults and kids alike.
  3. Kindle. Oh boy, do I love a Kindle. People raved about their Paperwhites or Oasis but frankly I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of them. Here’s a breakdown of the various Kindle options so you can find the best one for you.
  4. Earbuds. My Raycon earbuds are probably my #1 most used book accessory – I listen to audiobooks every day with them in, whether I’m running or folding laundry or making dinner or running an errand.
  5. Blanket. When I asked about favorite book accessories, this was probably the very most mentioned thing. And I agree that a cozy blanket can really make reading even more enjoyable. My all-time favorite blankets are from Minky Couture (we have nine of them!) – my code is BRADSHAW45.  The blanket in the photo above is the Ripple blanket from Minky and it lives on our living room couch and gets used every single day.
  6. A beverage. Isn’t a delicious drink and a great book a match made in heaven? I especially love a bookish mug like the one in the photo above. One reader said, “In the morning, a cup of coffee. In the evening, a glass of wine.”
  7. Book Reading Pillow. This one came up a lot and actually I don’t think I’ve ever used one! This is a super popular one that can hold your book or Kindle for you and another reader said, “I use my Boppy breastfeeding pillow as my reading pillow. It’s perfect!”
  8. Reading Playlist. This has never occurred to me until a year or so ago and now I love occasionally turning on reading music while I snuggle up with a good book – I collected all the best recommendations for reading playlists and artists here!
  9. Snacks! I’ve never loved anything more than reading and eating. It’s truly the perfect combination for me, whether it’s a book while I eat breakfast or a snack to munch on while I read. The most suggested reading snack? Dove dark chocolate. 
  10. Flickering candle. I really embraced candles a few years ago (in fact, I just lit one while I was writing this post) and it really adds to that cozy vibe while you read.
  11. Peace and quiet. This can be the hardest book accessory to come by! One reader said her favorite reading accessory was  “a babysitter” which gave me a good little giggle.

Any other favorite book accessories? I’d love to hear what you love!

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