50+ Ideas for Fun Reading Goals

Do you set reading goals?

I generally do – usually it is just a straight number goal (mine is 175 books this year!), but sometimes I include other reading goals like reading every book by a specific author or reading a certain number of graphic novels.

There are so many reading goals you can choose from to make your reading life feel more dynamic and interesting.

(And if setting a reading goal of any kind feels like it takes the fun out of it for you, by all means skip it! One person said “I don’t set a goal, don’t want to make reading a chore or be sad I didn’t reach an arbitrary #.” Another said “I find that I read more when I don’t have a number goal- this year so far I’ve read 140 books!”).

I asked on Instagram a few weeks ago for ideas for reading goals and there were so many fun ideas!

Here are some of my favorites:

reading goals

50+ Ideas for Fun Reading Goals

  • Read one classic a month
  • Read all 12 books for Everyday Reading book Club 2024! (The 2024 book club list is here!)
  • Read at least one non-fiction book per month, in addition to my fiction reads.
  • Probably 52 books… aiming for one a week.
  • I want to vary the variety of books I read! (Classics, nonfiction, etc.)
  • 2 books a week, 104 books total
  • Read daily
  • To read less. But seriously, I hope to add in some new creative endeavors
  • Start on my classics list. Will probably use your trick of watching movie adaptation first to get me interested
  • Read first and scroll/watch shows after
  • Get my husband to read ONE book
  • Get caught up on your first 4 book club lists. I was a little late to the party!
  • Read my shelves
  • To finally use my kindle e-reader and stock up on libby
  • Clear my shelves of all books I have purchased and pushed aside
  • Read more than I watch TV
  • Expand my bookstagram following
  • Write a short review for each book. I forget so much or what I read.
  • My friends are going to read your list & we will go to lunch each month for book club
  • Adding specific classics or backlist setting goals to stretch myself rather than #s
  • Read one book a month, listen to 2 a month
  • I’m trying to read less– to be more present – probably won’t succeed.
  • Read aloud more to my kids and read more non fiction
  • My cousin gifted me all the Nancy Drew books. My goal is to read them all. They were my fav as a child.
  • No pay for books. I’m trying to use Libby more. Better book choices not just to reach goal
  • Read all of Kate Quinn’s books
  • Seasonal vibes in my reading life!
  • Read more books that I already own! My pile of purchased but never read pile is tall!
  • 50 books + friends and I picking classics read my favorite actors from Audible to read
  • I want to read/listen to some classics to see if I actually don’t like them (like I assume I don’t.)
  • I’d love to hit 100 books this year, but setting my goal for 80. (Did 50 this year)
  • Read at least 2 books a month
  • Reading more titles that have been on my TBR for a long time
  • To keep up with you in number of books read! Didn’t make it this year (116)
  • To try to top this year’s accomplishment of 120 (20 more than 2023 goal)
  • Read literally any book that isn’t to my children. It’s been a while and struggling to get back in
  • Sharon McMahon’s book club list
  • Be more consistent. Don’t read 6 books in one week and then zero the next month.
  • Try and physically read more, mostly audiobook this year which works great but want to expand
  • Read a biography on each US president (start in 24, see how far I get)
  • Read good fiction that isn’t thriller and isn’t smut. Fantasy ok!
  • To read 15 books that I own
  • To enjoy my reading life!
  • I tent to re-read a lot… I love the comfort of a story I love, but I want to find more authors!
  • Read The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Try reading something other than romance
  • Read one parenting or church book per month- I have quite a few on my TBR list!
  • I do the Idaho Falls public library challenge (you should check it out!)
  • Read 4 times a week.
  • Read around the world– books set in various countries. I’m thinking 1 book/country/month
  • I chose 24 specific books that I want to read in the year.
  • Read one book set in each Canadian province
  • Read every day.
  • Read at least half of the unread books I own
  • Working on reading all the Newbery winners
  • Chantel’s Unread Shelf and Brighter winter challenges
  • Quality over quantity this year.

I’d love to hear your reading goals! Please share in the comments – it makes this post more helpful for everyone!

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  1. Last year I read one novel set in each of the 50 states of the United States; it was SO interesting! Also, my college-age daughter was taking a Jane Austen class in college so I reread all the Austen novels with her. ☺️

  2. I always set a very loose goal of reading one non-fiction or personal development type book a month. It rarely ever happens and I usually one clock in one a year but I certainly don’t get worked up about it.

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