Savvy Trial Classes are Here!!

From the very first moment we launched Savvy Reading back in 2020, one of the most asked questions has always been “Is there a trial option?” 

And for the last three years, the answer has always been “no.” 

(Spoiler: the answer is now “yes!”). 

We knew a Savvy trial, whether for math or reading, would be really helpful because it’s hard to want to pay for an entire month without knowing first how your child will respond to Savvy. 

Will it be as terrible as all those pandemic Zoom classes everyone suffered through? (No). 

Will your child actually engage in an online setting? 

What does a Savvy class really look like? 

For more than a year, we’ve been working on getting Savvy trials up and running and I’m so thrilled that they’re finally available! 

If you’ve been on the fence about Savvy Reading or Savvy Math, this is for you! Or if your child is super resistant, it’s likely easier to convince them to try a single class than to do a month worth. 

You can do a 1:1 Savvy class (Math or Reading!) for $5 and see what you and your child think. 

I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about whether you can do a Savvy Math trial if you’re already a Savvy Reading customer or vice versa and the answer is yes! 

Here’s how to sign up for a trial: 

 – Click here to go to the Savvy Learning website (this link will take you directly to the trial page). 

 – Select “Schedule a Trial Session” and it’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to sign up for your trial, including choosing Math or Reading and a time that works with your schedule. 

 – You’ll need to do the placement assessment before your trial class (although you don’t need to do it as part of the sign up for the trial) so that we can make sure to have both a lesson and a coach that are a good fit for your child’s level.

Of course, we hope that the trial will convince you that Savvy will be a great fit for your child, but truly there is no pressure to sign up if it’s not for you once you’ve done the trial. 

And if you DO decide to sign up after the trial, you can use the code JANSSEN25 which will take $25 off each month of your subscription. 

And if you have any questions about the Savvy trial, leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them all!


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