12 FAQs about Savvy Reading & Savvy Math

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If there is one thing I’m passionate about, it’s our reading and math programs, Savvy Reading and Savvy Math, designed to make learning fun and engaging and successful, even for the most reluctant learners.

It’s been so incredible over the past  several years to see not only my own children see such amazing progress in their own skills but also hundreds of other students have wonderful success with Savvy.

Here are some messages we’ve gotten from parents:

In January of 2021, J came to me with tears in his eyes. He said that he had finished thinking about his 2021 goals but he didn’t now how he was going to make them. I asked him what they were and then he really started crying and said, “I want to learn how to read but I just can’t.” That is when I knew I had to sign him up for Savvy. I signed him up that same week. Within a couple of months he was on grade level and by the end of the school year he was above grade level. He loved his coach so much and would also show her what books he was reading and was excited each day to get on Savvy.

She is loving it! Her teacher is truly great. My child who I had to beg to pick up a book and tried a lot of different things with is reading whenever she gets the chance. She wants to take part in the spelling bee! This is the results we saw in just 2 weeks! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

I’m sending this photo of recent work that came home from school. The sentence at the top [“I Love Math!”] says it all. This is the girl who had so much math anxiety in first grade that she was going to the health room and significant other behaviors because of the anxiety. Savvy Math gave her a positive experience with math overall and has allowed her to re-engage in math at school. Worth every single penny. Thank you for creating such amazing programs.

She loves Savvy. We’re so happy you added the higher levels. Her only criticism is that she wishes she could do it twice a day! Thank you!!! Savvy is changing lives.

He loves Savvy Reading. I was worried it might be too much getting up before school but he always hops right out of bed and is ready to do reading class. I’m truly impressed with how much he has learned.

As a homeschool family . . . Savvy Math is AMAZING!! We’ve tried so many math programs and this is the first that has worked for our daughter and she LOVES it!!

We actually are on vacation and [my daughter] insisted we bring her computer and she reminds us about her class every day! I have really noticed a huge improvement in her reading and her confidence. I cannot say enough good things about her teacher!!!!!!! She is amazing!

These notes just make me tear up – having watched my own child struggle with reading and the heavy blow it was to her confidence and school experience makes me so grateful to be able to help other children succeed.

Every time I mention Savvy, I get a slew of questions so I thought it might be helpful to have some of the most frequent questions and answers in one place here!

12 FAQs about Savvy Reading

What is Savvy exactly?
Savvy Reading is a real-time reading class for kids 3-14 with a credentialed coach in either a 1:1 setting or a small group class (up to 4 kids). They learn phonics, practice fluency and work on reading comprehension. It’s designed to be fun and engaging with lots of built-in review and confidence building. Savvy Math is the same but for Math instead of Reading (and it is currently available for grade levels 1-5).

How often are the classes? 
Classes are four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Each class is 25 minutes long and are at the same time every day.

Can we try it out before committing? 
Yes! Savvy now offers trial classes so you can test it out for $1 (use the code JANSSENSAVVYTRIAL) before committing to a full month. Sign up for a trial class here!

Is it only after school or are there classes in the morning too?
We have classes going all day long! We have kids that do it before school, homeschool families that use it during the day, afternoon classes and classes in the evening.

Can we switch class times if our schedule changes? 
Absolutely! We know that schedules change, so if you can’t do the time you started with, you can move to a new time slot that works for you.

Does my child need to know letters or sounds before they start? 
Our pre-K track and kindergarten foundational track both start at the very beginning – no previous knowledge required! Our four year old started knowing maybe 3-4 letters (and no sounds).

Is it just for struggling readers or kids who have a hard time in math? 
Not at all! We have lots of learners who use Savvy to get a head start or to strengthen their existing skills. Classes are based on skill level, not their age or current grade. Star started Savvy Reading when she was in kindergarten but did a 1st grade level class and then went into a 2nd grade level class as she progressed! And then in second grade, she did Savvy’s fourth grade math class because she was so far ahead and needed a challenge!

How do I know what level my child is at? 
We have a placement assessment that you can do with your child so that we can place them at the right level – the goal is for it to be challenging enough to be interesting (not boring), but not SO challenging that it’s frustrating. You can take that placement assessment right here!

My child is a good reader, but struggles with comprehension. Does Savvy Reading help with that? 
Yes! This is a core component of the curriculum – it doesn’t matter how well you read if you don’t have any idea WHAT you’re reading!

What if my child has dyslexia? Can Savvy Reading help?  
We have quite a few readers with dyslexia and they’ve seen great progress! Savvy’s curriculum is built on explicit and systematic instruction and draws from the Orton Gillingham method. Savvy is also designed to bring the fun and enjoyment back to the forefront of learning to read. Fostering a love of reading is so important as readers begin to understand how to decode words and start reading more fluently. Savvy does both!

How involved do parents need to be?
Savvy is intended to be a stand-alone program that doesn’t require parental assistance (aside from maybe logging them in at the beginning of each session). Last year, I would usually eat breakfast and do the dishes while Tally did her Savvy Reading class each morning! Many homeschool families use it so they can focus on one child while another child does their Savvy classes.

What if we don’t live in the United States?
That’s no problem! We have students all over the world, from Canada to South Korea!

You can see more frequently asked questions or sign up here – use the code BEMYLEARNER2024 for $25 off every month of your subscription (that sale ends on Thursday night!).

Any other questions about Savvy that I can answer for you? Leave them in the comments!

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  1. I’m super interested! I homeschool my kids and I’m looking into My Tech High and Harmony that reimburse homeschool families for educational classes and materials. Do you know if they accept Savvy Reading and reimburse for your classes? Thank you!

  2. Just an enthusiastic vote to see you venture into other languages! I have two elementary school aged girls in the Spanish immersion program at school and I would love if they had more native speakers to improve both their reading and spanish.

  3. Do you have a list of times that the classes are offered? We are not a homeschool family and just wondering if we can figure out a time that works for my son. Thanks!

  4. Hi! I signed my daughter up and she had her first class yesterday and said she is already enjoying it. After we got her logged in, we noticed the rewards portal. Can you explain that more? Thank you!

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