An Exciting New Addition to Savvy Reading

It’s hard to believe that Savvy Reading launched nearly 18 months ago.

We launched originally with three levels (Kindergarten, First, and Second grade levels).

Now, 18 months later, we have hundreds of class sessions going on each day and levels that run from a foundational kindergarten level (meaning we start at the very beginning with letters and sounds) up through fifth grade.

We’ve had lots of four year olds and preschoolers in the foundational kindergarten level and we’re so excited to be launching a dedicated Pre-K level with classes starting next Tuesday (February 22nd).

Here’s what’s different about the Pre-K level:

  • It’s specifically designed for preschoolers. There is a huge developmental difference between a preschooler and a child attending kindergarten and this Pre-K level is designed in every detail to meet them where they are and help them have positive experiences with learning to read right from the beginning.
  • More movement based learning. One of the best parts of Savvy Reading has always been how interactive and engaging it is, and we’ve cranked that up even more for our youngest readers to help them stay engaged with games, activities, and songs that help them learn without requiring them to sit still.
  • Extra focus on phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is built into all our curriculum, but it’s an even bigger focus in the Savvy Reading Pre-K level. (If you’re not familiar with phonological awareness, it’s the awareness of sounds in languages, like recognizing syllable counts or that words are made up of individual sounds put together, and understanding this is the foundation for being able to sound out, decode, blend, and finally read whole words.)
  • A slower pace. Our foundational Kindergarten level has two different tracks which move at different paces. For some of our younger readers, even the slowest track for the Kindergarten level was moving too fast for them, and the Pre-K level gives them the time, exposure, and repetition to fully master the reading skills at the appropriate pace. The best way to give new readers confidence and help them stay engaged is meeting them at their own pace and this does just that.

I am over the moon to have this finally launching – our team has been working on this for months and it’s going to be SUCH a great option for those younger readers.

And the timing coincides perfectly with our Valentine’s Day promotion that starts today and runs through Thursday night!

You can use the code BEMYREADER for $25 off your monthly subscription (and not just this month, but every month of your subscription!) through Thursday night.

Even better, you can stack that discount with the reduced price of a six month or longer subscription which will take your child through the whole summer or beyond so they don’t lose their progress and can start the next school year strong.

Whether you have a child who is anxious to learn to read, is struggling to learn to read or stay at grade level, or could use consistent practice to keep them progressing, I can’t rave enough about Savvy Reading – it’s such an incredible program and I think you’ll love it as much as our thousands of other readers and their families do.

If you have questions about Savvy Reading, leave a comment or send me an email and I’m happy to answer!

Or check out this post with some of the FAQs about Savvy Reading!

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