The Kind of Monday that Gives Mondays a Bad Name

Today started like I imagine the stereotypical Monday does. It was the kind of Monday that gives Mondays a bad name.

First, work was a sort of disaster, as I was completely unable to do my main project since various computer errors kept popping up. That was fun.

Then, when I went back to campus to meet up with Bart, his parents and his brother (who were here visiting for the weekend), I realized I had dropped my work badge. And, despite the fifteen minutes of searching Bart’s parents helped me with, it was no where to be seen. Lovely. How lovely.

And then, hanging over it all, was the 10-15 page paper due on Wednesday that I’d written all of (almost) 3 pages of. Yes, this is why I woke up with more wrinkles than I went to bed with (lies, of course . . . I went to bed with no wrinkles and woke up with none).

But then, after a nice lunch at the Clay Pit in Austin, I went back to campus, opened my email and got a lovely email from the French and Italian department saying one of their faculty members had found my badge and dropped it off at the desk. This email came THREE minutes after I dropped it (THREE!).

And then I got an email from work saying it’s probably my computer’s fault for screwing up everything and I could likely get a new one. More hooray.

And finally, I am now at a nine page paper. Hallelujah.

Now I’m sitting at home, eating coconut chocolate cake with ice cream and watching Gilmore Girls Season 2.

This Monday is finally getting better. Whew.

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  1. Oh what I wouldn’t give for just one more look at the square in Star’s Hollow…or a burger at Luke’s…or a Babette moment. Truly I miss Lorelei and Rory as if they were my own kin. Still waiting for the movie. And how do you think the twins are??? No one writes or calls.

  2. Gotta love Gilmore Girls – how addicting. I have noticed, tho, that if I watch about 3 episodes in a row, I either want to slap Loelei, her mother, and/or Rory and/or the person sitting next to me – LOL.

    Glad your work badge was found safe and sound.

    And, I would almost do anything for cake and ice cream right now.

    Now go finish your paper and quit procrastinating 🙂 (I used to wait until the night before the paper was due and then stay up all night doing it. How I ever passed, I don’t know.)

  3. Gilmore Girls makes everything much, much better. Just ask my husband who rolls his eyes everytime I start a new episode for the hundreth time. He doesn’t seem to understand, but I’m sure you would.

  4. I so love it when things come together and I totally agree with everyone about the Gilmore Girls. I miss Max Medina. Hope the paper is turning out exactly as you wanted!

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