A Family Goal for 2024

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Every year, our family sits down to work on our individual goals. It’s a tradition from my childhood and we love referencing them throughout the year to keep us on track and then going through them all at the end of the year when we set our new goals for the upcoming year.

Along with our individual goals, we usually set a family goal – something to focus on together throughout the year.

In 2020, we decided to make it our “Year of Fun.” (You can guess how that one ended up . . .).

Last year, our family focus was “Assume Positive Intent.”

This year, we decided that 2024 was our “Year of Veggies.”

I’m a big believer in goals and resolutions that ADD to your life rather than take it away and focusing on including MORE vegetables in our family meals and snacks felt like both a fun challenge and more appealing than “eating less sweets” or something equally bleak.

Two of the ways we’re incorporating more vegetables into our eating is at dinner – more salads, more roasted vegetables, more main dishes with vegetables as part of it – and more vegetables as part of our after school snacks. Bart usually picks up the girls from school, which gives me a little pocket of time to prep snack before they get home (and also acts as a good disconnect from my work day, since one of my biggest personal goals is to be offline and present when my girls are home).

That “Year of Veggies” phrase gives focus to my meal planning and grocery ordering and that direction makes it easier for me on a daily and weekly basis! (If you’re curious about my routine for those, I did a whole post about my meal planning and grocery ordering routine this fall!).

And Walmart+ makes it so easy to get groceries delivered right to my door, including lots of veggies! I’ve had a Walmart+ membership for several years and it saves me so much time every week, letting me focus on the things I really care about a lot more than wandering the aisles at the grocery store.

Even better, right now, you get $50 Walmart Cash when you join Walmart+! That Walmart Cash is easy to get, never expires & can be redeemed on future purchases—or as cash back!

And the Walmart Cash is perfect for stocking up on veggies and also items that help support our Year of Veggies goal like glassware to store washed and cut veggies in (this is the set we’ve had for the last four or five years!) or a charcuterie board to set out veggies on for after school snacks or my all-time favorite knife for all things, not just veggies.

If you haven’t tried out Walmart+, this is the moment – I’ve never seen them offer a deal like this! I love that Walmart+ not only means I get free delivery on my groceries each week, but also lots of other bonuses like free shipping with no minimum order, fuel savings, and an included Paramount+ subscription (Paramount+ Essential plan only. Separate registration required.). (See Walmart+ Terms & Conditions)

Sign up for Walmart+ now and get $50 Walmart Cash so you can spend your time on the things that really matter to you this year and stick to your resolutions! (Terms apply. See Walmart.com/plus for details.)

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  1. I’d love to hear more about last year’s theme, assume positive intent and how that worked with your kids.

  2. We got a big veggies tray with a dip place in the middle. I have the kids cut up all kinds of veggies and make the dip on Sunday and this makes it easy for the kids grab it and pull it out and it has 4-5 veggies in it.

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