A “DO NOT MISS” Deal on Audible Subscriptions

Last summer, Audible had a phenomenal deal for Prime Day (three months free! I hadn’t seen a deal like this in literally years).

And hooray! It’s back for President’s Day this year.

To give you context, here’s how Audible currently works.

For $14.95 a month, you get access to the entire Audible Plus library. You can listen to any of the millions of hours of included audiobooks, Audible Originals, or podcasts.

We use Audible Plus on a daily basis – my girls love listening to audiobooks on their Echo Dots as they go to bed and I love that anything from Audible Plus that I add to our library they can listen to via voice commands – no screen or phone or tablet required.

In addition, you get to choose one audiobook to add to your permanent collection. I spend my monthly credits on hot new releases that have FOREVER long hold lines at my library or ones that my children will listen to on repeat for ages.

With books in the Audible Plus library, once you cancel your membership, you no longer have access to those.

But with the ones you buy with your monthly credit, you have those forever, even if you cancel your membership.

Bart and I both have Audible memberships (and we have our accounts set up as a family library so we can listen to the books the other one chooses) – it’s just such a great, easy way to listen to more audiobooks!

Anyway, that’s what you get with an Audible membership.


And right now, the Audible President’s Day deal gives you all of that for FREE  for three months (after that, you can cancel or go on paying the regular price).

That is a SMOKING deal – (better than their holiday sale last year which was $5.95 per month for four months). No brainer in my book.

If you’ve been considering trying out Audible or going back after a break, NOW is for sure the time to do it.

Just with Audible Plus alone, it’s a great deal, but add the monthly book credits in and it’s pretty much the easiest choice ever to take advantage of it!

Also, I’ve heard from several people that they aren’t seeing the Audible deal offered to them because of a previous Audible membership but when they contacted customer service, they applied the deal to their account, so click through and see if it offers it to you and if not, send a chat to customer service!

If you have questions about Audible or Audible Plus or the President’s Day deal, let me know and I’m happy to answer!

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  1. I decided to give Audible a whirl . I entered my email and cell number to get the app and I keep getting a response that it’s not valid

      1. It didn’t let me either… I was a member in the last year… maybe it has to do with how long you’ve been “away”…

  2. I clicked the start now button, and I am now signed up for some thing, but it’s not audible. How do I find out what I signed up for? I thought it was the link provided for audible.

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