4 Reasons I Love Amazon’s Fire Tablet

I know in the past I’ve been a little harsh about the Fire tablet.

(It’s possible that I have used both the trash and poop emojis to describe it on Instagram!).

And some people have agreed with me (these are messages I’ve gotten just in the past few days):

I went on a day trip yesterday with our kids and pulled out our Amazon fire tablets. I had so many issues with it I wanted to toss it out of the window. We decided to give them up and look into a new one that isn’t the fire tablet.

We made the switch to Galaxy tablets just after Christmas. The Kids Fires were the worst and SO frustrating.

I HATED THE FIRE with all of my body.

Have two Fire Tablets – HATE both of them. Bought #2 hoping it’d be better . . . ugh.

But, notwithstanding these messages, I’m changing my tune today.

Here are 4 reasons I absolutely LOVE the Amazon Fire Tablet and think you should buy one immediately:

  1. It’s an easy way to reduce screen time. Want less screen time at your house? The Fire Tablet is a simple way to accomplish this goal because it’s so clunky and difficult to use that your kids won’t even WANT to use a tablet. I can vouch for this personally because on our last road trip my husband asked my oldest daughter who was responsible for charging and packing the devices why she hadn’t brought the Fire Tablet. Her response? “None of the four of us will even use it, so it’s not worth bringing.” When your kids would rather stare out the window for hours than use the Fire tablet? You know it’s a winner device.
  2. It will give you good practice managing strong negative emotions. I’ve said a million times that with most things you get better with practice. And the Fire Tablet will give you SO MUCH practice managing your irritation, frustration and full-on rage. If you feel like your everyday life isn’t giving you enough chances to practice working through those emotions, I STRONGLY recommend that you get a Fire Tablet so that you can – on demand – get that fury flowing and then, in a reasonably safe environment (make sure your children are not present), practice diffusing those emotions. (The good news is that while the Fire Tablets don’t work well for actual tablet tasks, they are fairly indestructible AND have an excellent warranty so if you accidentally run over it with your car, throw it in the pool, or send it flying through a window, they’ll send you a new one so you can keep practicing).
  3. The Fire Tablet is a prime example of “you get what you pay for.” I love to see aphorisms proved true in real life and the Fire tablet does just that. People ask me every year about it when it goes on super sale during Prime Day or Black Friday and it’s a great way to learn that there is a reason they’re discounting the Fire tablet so much. (I won’t spoil what that reason is. . . ).
  4. The Fire Tablet really keeps you humble. It’s easy to start feeling like a competent, intelligent, tech-savvy adult and if you’re beginning to feel like that’s going to your head and you need some help remembering that you aren’t the most capable person around, this is a great way to quickly and easily remember that you are, in fact, a complete nincompoop who can’t even figure out a basic tablet.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that you need a Fire Tablet in your life, well, that might be because it’s April 1st.

(If those reasons AREN’T convincing to you and you feel like a different tablet might be a better fit for you, consider this one).

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  1. My daughter is 2 but already knows how to navigate thru the tablet.I have learnt more about e tablet from her kkk so I’m not sure about number 1 .

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