I’ve been convinced that camouflage is trendy, thanks to Andrea and Merrick.

I find pants ridiculously difficult (I don’t dare order them online, but I also don’t relish the prospect of dragging my children to the store so I can try on dozens of pairs. This is why I own one pair of blue jeans), so I clearly went for camo shoes instead.

Shoes that cost under $5, obviously, and could be tried on in the aisle of Target. No dressing room required.

Also, the little gold panel on the back of the shoe? Definitely my favorite part.

 photo IMG_9771_zps7c20fccd.jpg

 photo IMG_9823_zps2d4412dd.jpg

 photo IMG_9790_zps5d20b136.jpg photo IMG_9799-001_zps55e82f28.jpg

Shirt: H&M // Jeans: Target // Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Target // Bracelet: c/o Very Jane // Earrings: Gift from my parents 

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  1. Very, very cute! I never would've thought to reach for camo, but I love this. And as I'm almost 9 months pregnant, shoes and jewerly are about the only thing I'm in the market for. And love the other articles you wrote–so prolific. 🙂

  2. Good idea going with shoes instead. And I should pare down my jean collection…I'm so ready to fork over more money to just get a really excellent pair of well fitted jeans, because everything else has been a fail.

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