Another Friday

Are these weeks just flying by or what? I cannot believe it is Friday again.

A few things that are making me happy:

  • Alt for Everyone. I won a ticket from Say Yes to Hoboken, and I’m loving the classes. The photo styling class last night was mind-blowingly good. Also, the box of goodies that showed up on my doorstep yesterday? Fabulous.
  • The fall weather. We’ve been going to the park almost every day, because it’s just so nice to walk through our neighborhood every night before bed.
  • When Ella put a tiny checker piece up her nose last night (she said she was pretending it was a boogie), she was able to blow it out. Thank heavens for her good nose blowing skills that kept us from having to make an ER trip.
  • A Thai crockpot recipe I made yesterday. And having it for lunch today. Recipe coming soon.
  • This library doesn’t charge if you don’t pick up your holds (in Texas, both library systems I used charged $1 for any holds you didn’t pick up). I would have owed this library $7 yesterday.
  • Ani. She is just KILLING me with her cuteness lately. She’s been sick for the last four or five days, but finally pulled out of it yesterday and was her normal smile-y happy self. I just love her so much.
A burning need to share what’s making you happy? I’d be delighted to hear.

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  1. The hilarious and sweet things that come out of my 3yr old's mouth is what's been making me happy…well that and cookies with tea and the book I've been wanting to read but saving for the weekend! 🙂

  2. I seriously love your girls, they are cuteness incarnate. London's making me pretty happy, but the top story is that I discovered my old Utah library card got me free e-book lending on the library site. Where has this been all my life?!

  3. Yes, HOORAY for perfect fall weather. I love fall. I also love the apples that re-appear in the fall. I forget how much I like apples until the fresh ones are available again. New York state grows more apples than any other state besides Washington (your fun fact for the day), and grows more varieties of apples than anywhere, so we're totally spoiled.

  4. Lots of things making me happy at the moment, though the biggest one is that we just moved back "home" and now see my parents and my sis and her family all the time. I love family!

  5. This is just what I need – I'm working on celebrating the small successes in life because international moves are hard and I deserve to be nice to myself. 🙂 So, I'm happy that my husband FINALLY gets three days off next week (after working 12 hour days 7 days a week for the last month) and I'm excited we finally get a paycheck. And I'm thrilled to have found that Walmart and Carrefour are both within walking distance and Carrefour had cute clothes, which resulted in 3 new shirts for me, as well as a crock pot, which can double as an oven until I can get a real oven. And I love walking in the park everyday for hours and hours, usually while listening to an audiobook. China is beautiful in a way I never expected, and I can't get enough of walking around the lakes by my house.

  6. There's something about second children. It's like we've gotten rid of all our stress and worrying over being a good parent the first time and now we can just purely enjoy the smiley little dears- at least that's how I feel. A little hard for me to admit as a first child myself. 🙂

  7. Seriously. The library here charges $2 per item. Tuscaloosa had no charge, but limited me to 3 holds at a time, which I found annoying.

  8. I love this happy list! Great reminder to be thankful for so many blessings in my life even while I lie in bed with the stomach bug. Happy to see hubby happy with his new job and that it helps pay for the boy's soccer season and the girl's gymnastics lessons which in turn makes them happy. Happy that the boy is learning to read and the girl likes books…looking forward to the future as a family of readers!

  9. Tonight I'm happy that I set a personal best at the 5K I ran today!

    But I'm also happy that it's fall and my family is healthy and that I'm in the middle of reading an absolutely fabulous book. Sometimes it's the little things.

  10. That is an adorable picture!
    SO, I feel terribly guilty (but excited at the same time), I finally bit the bullet and got the iPhone 5! It's a HUGE change from the iPhone 3GS I've had for 5+ years!!!!

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