HOT DEAL: 4 Free Months of Amazon Music

A couple of years ago, Bart signed up for a music subscription.

And I thought it was THE dumbest idea in the world.

And then within a few weeks, I was converted.

Even as someone who doesn’t feel like they’re really into music, I can’t imagine going back to not having a music subscription – it’s worth every penny to me.

We listen to it non-stop. My girls love to have dance parties in the entryway (and our Alexa Echo makes it super easy for them to turn on exactly the song they want without a screen), I listen to music while I’m cooking dinner, and we listen to all sorts of things in the car through the app on my phone, which then connects to our Bluetooth system in the car.

On Sundays, I love some peaceful piano music.

When we’re cleaning up, I like to turn on some high energy songs (I made all my children Train fans a few summers ago), and it’s super fun to turn on a holiday playlist during Halloween dinner or as you’re putting up Christmas decorations.

Basically, I just love it, more than I ever ever thought I would.

And right now, you can get FOUR MONTHS of Amazon Music Unlimited for FREE! (If you’re not a Prime member, it’ll be 3 free months).

And if you decide you don’t want to keep your subscription after the 4 months is up, here’s how to cancel!

Go to your Amazon Music Unlimited Account (if you press “Accounts and Lists” from the home page, this page will pop up. I’ve circled in red where it will be.

On the account page that comes up, it’ll show your subscription and how it will renew at $9.99/month when those four free months are up. Press the “Cancel Subscription” button.

It will, of course, ask you if you’re really really really really sure you want to cancel. Just keep pushing cancel.

Once you’ve canceled, it’ll take you back to your Amazon Music Unlimited account page and you’ll see that it won’t renew once the four months is up. That’s it!

If you’re already a Prime member, you have access to Prime Music included in your membership, but it’s only 2 million songs (which sounds like a lot but it means that many of the songs you want to listen to won’t be included).

Amazon Music Unlimited, on the other hand, has 60 million songs, so pretty much any song or album you want to listen to will be available to you on demand.

For zero cents, there is literally no reason not to snatch this deal up!


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Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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  1. Unfortunately if you’ve been a subscriber in the past and cancelled your subscription it looks like you’re not eligible for this deal :/ It’s only telling me $3/month for the first three months. Bummer!

      1. Thank you! I did (within minutes) and they refunded the $7.99 even though that’s not something they normally do for subscriptions like that. I don’t always love amazon but their customer service is usually pretty good! Also I think you will love the $99 annual Audible subscription–I got that last year (so they won’t let me get it again at that price, sigh) and it was great to have credits when I wanted them. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! But I didn’t get this offer, it straight away charged $10 which is the monthly price. I did contact customer service and they immediately refunded me. Apparently this offer is only for new customers.

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