A Love Letter to Brooklinen

If you’ve been around for five minutes, you know I care a LOT about my sleep.

So it probably won’t come as a shock to you that I care a lot about my bed too.

We upgraded to a king bed nearly eight years ago and have never looked back.

brooklinen sheets

But it took us another five or six years to get some nice bedding to go along with it

Almost a year ago, we got our first (but likely not our last!) set of Brooklinen sheets and . . . they live up to the hype.

brooklinen review

We’d had Boll & Branch sheets for about a year before we got our Brooklinen sheets and I liked them but the first night we tried out the Brooklinen sheets, both Bart and I agreed they were noticeably better (they’re also less expensive, which makes me like them even more – for reference, the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle we have from Brooklinen which includes sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover is $327. The Signature Starter Bundle which includes the same items from Boll & Branch is $687. So you’re not even in the same ballpark, price wise).

brooklinen review

Once I caught the Brooklinen bug, I’ve been slowly adding to our collection. After the Brooklinen sheets, I ordered a comforter to go INSIDE my Brooklinen duvet cover and it literally is like sleeping under a cloud. We went with the all-season down alternative and I could not love it more. Every night when I get into bed, it’s absolutely heavenly.

Over the winter, we added a quilt and that has been the icing on the cake. I love the look of it during the day and at night I love the perfect layer of warmth and weight it adds without making me too hot – I swear, I’ve never slept better in my life.

This summer, we tried out the Washed Linen bundle – I’d never had linen sheets and everyone raved about them for hot sleepers (which I am!) and we were HOOKED. When I was out of town, my husband was sending me texts about how much he loves these sheets (something I’m certain he’d never spent 4 seconds thinking about before).

When I asked him if he wanted to switch back to the cotton ones for winter, he said he couldn’t stand to give up the linen ones – that’s how much he loves them!

brooklinen sheets

I also cannot talk about Brooklinen without mentioning their towels. The Brooklinen towels are hands down the best towels I’ve ever used. We have the super-plush bath sheets and they have ruined me for all other towels. We stayed at a high-end resort last year and every time I used their towels, I thought, “My Brooklinen towels at home are twice this good” They’re so big, so soft, and wash like a dream. (We have them in Ocean blue).

And, yes, I have a Brooklinen promo code, from some Instagram campaigns I’ve done with them over the last year – you can use the code everyday20 for $20 off orders over $100 (or watch for a 15% off code on their site for first-time customers!).

brooklinen review

If you’ve tried Brooklinen sheets (or other Brooklinen products!), I’d love to hear what you think! Or if you have other favorite bedding, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Question about the towels, do they dry within a 24 hour period?
    I’ve had high quality towels before and they felt amazing but didn’t dry completely by my next shower and there is nothing worse than having a damp towel when getting out of the shower.

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