4 Beauty Products I Keep in My Bedside Table

Nearly every day, Bart and I end the night watching a show together.

For the first 14 years of our marriage, we never had a television in our bedroom, but when we moved to Utah, there wasn’t a great spot in our living room for a TV, so we put our main TV in the basement play room and mounted our second one on the wall opposite our bed.

I know about a million people say not to have a TV in your room, but it’s actually been my FAVORITE thing. When we used to watch shows in our family room in Arizona, we’d end up so tired sitting on the couch and actually going to bed felt like a ton of effort.

Now, we always get completely ready for bed before we watch a show and then the minute we’re done watching, we turn off the lights, flip on the sound machine and go right to sleep.

We often only watch 15-30 minutes of a show (even if that means it takes us a week to get through a movie or several days to get through an episode of something), and it’s a really nice way to wind down from the day.

I keep plenty of things in my bedside table drawer – bookmarks, a book light, highlighters, mayyyyybe a piece of candy or two, but I also keep a few beauty products in my bedside table that I put on pretty much every night while we watch.

bedside table

For whatever reason, it feels a million times easier for me to use them consistently when I’m already in my pajamas, lying in bed, than it does when I’m at the bathroom sink getting ready for bed as fast as I can.

beside table 4 Beauty Products I Keep in My Bedside Table

  1. Babe Lash Growth Serum. I could put this on when I wash my face at night, but . . . I never remember. But keeping it in my bedside table drawer means I put it on almost every single night and this stuff is LEGIT. I’ve used it consistently for the past 2 years and I’m floored by how much eyelash growth I’ve had. I’d truly resigned myself to terrible lashes forever. Use the code JANSSEN for 20% off.
  2. Olive & June Cuticle Serum. I was fairly skeptical about this product but it truly makes SUCH a difference. My cuticles stay nice and soft, and I don’t ever have hangnails or dry skin around my fingernails anymore. I put this on pretty much every night, whether or not I have nail polish on. (My Olive & June code is OJJANSSENB20, although I think it only works on the full systems, not individual products).
  3. Olive & June Overnight Hand Treatment. Once my cuticle serum has soaked in (which takes about 60 seconds), then I do a small squeeze of this and rub it all over my hands. It’s thick and creamy and not greasy at all. I’ve suffered from dry skin, especially on my hands, all my life, and this is the best my hands have EVER been. They even made it all winter with no cracking or bleeding and no dry spots. Seriously magical. (My Olive & June code is OJJANSSENB20).
  4. HelloBody Lip Balm. I did some sponsored work with HelloBody a couple of years ago and my very favorite product of theirs is this lip balm. It comes in a set with a lip scrub which I use very occasionally, but I use their lip balm pretty much every single night and it’s magical. I have a million lip balms/chapsticks and nothing else comes close to this. It’s pretty pricey, but I’ve been using the same tub for more than two years and it still is only about half gone. I don’t know how that’s possible but, I’m here for it. Use the code REFJGCC6NS5JE for 30% off your first order over $30.

bedside table

I’m pretty sure none of these are things I’d remember to use on a daily basis if they weren’t in my bedside table, but because they’re right there, it’s super easy and a relaxing end to my day.

Any favorite products you keep in your bedside table? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I ALSO put hand cream and lip balm on every night. If I’ve forgotten and I turn off the light, I can tell and I have to turn the light on and moisturize up before I can fall asleep!

  2. I leave my lash serum, I use GrandeLash, with my toothbrush. It is the easiest way for me to remember to use it. And I told my hubby that spending the money on the serum is better than spending money on huge dentist bills. 🙂 So if you aren’t great at brushing twice a day, this will definitely help! To be fair, I do brush, and still get cavities. This last time, since it had been over 6 moths using the serum, I didn’t have any cavities.

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