The 2023 Printable Reading Log

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printable reading log

One of my favorite things about the end of the year has become releasing the annual printable reading log! I can hardly believe this is year FOUR!

You may remember the original one from Hadley Designs and the 2021 edition from Carrot Top Paper Shop and the 2022 one from HnH Design Shop (all of them are available as undated versions right here, if you’d like to use one of them this year too!).

I couldn’t be more thrilled that the 2023 printable reading log is now available, designed by Laura from Liza Design Co.

printable reading log

This travel theme this year is especially fun – I love all the cute details Liza added in and whether you’ll be reading on an airplane this year or virtually traveling from your couch with a good book, I hope you’ll LOVE using this printable reading log in 2023.

There are 100 book spines so you can track up to 100 books you read this year

If your goal is to read 12 books in 2023, then you can color in everything except for 12 books spines.

If you’re aiming for 25 or 50 or 80, you can do the same.

If you read MORE than 100, fill this one up and then print off a second one!

There are so many ways to use this year’s printable reading log – you can print off a big version and hang it on your wall or a smaller size that fits on a bulletin board or a small version to tape or glue in the front of your planner or journal.

(If you’d like to print off a big size, here are the step-by-step directions for how to do an engineering print – you’ll be hooked on how spectacular they are AND how cheap they are! They also make great gifts for book club members or reader friends!)

printable reading log

You can write the titles of the books you want to read this year on the spines and then color them in when you’ve finished them.

You could color them all in now and then write the titles in as you read them.

You can use a color code to differentiate between audiobooks and paper books or grown-up books and read-alouds or books by diverse authors or new releases and classics.

Basically the reading log possibilities are endless.

And it’s perfect for all ages – kids and adults alike.

Another fun thing we added last year and kept for this year is the daily reading tracking, if you’d like to use it. You’ll notice the little circles that make a border around the edge – there’s one for every day of the year, so if you want to track how many days you read in 2022, you can color in a circle each day that you read.

They’re subtle enough that if you DON’T want to track your daily reading, it’s fine to just leave them blank or color them in for fun.

reading logs printable

No matter how you choose to use the 2023 Printable Reading Log, I hope it’ll make this coming year of reading one of your best yet.

I can’t wait to see you use this – it’s going to be a fantastic year!

You can sign up to get a copy of it here and it’ll come right to your inbox!

P.S. As you print and use this over the coming weeks and months, I’d be thrilled if you’d please share it with me on Instagram – tag me @everydayreading and Liza @lizadesignco so we can see them out in the wild!


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    1. We are so excited for this! It is beautiful! Can you send me a direct email? I tried 4 times and haven’t received it yet. It’s not in spam either. Thank you!

        1. I have registered for this log, however I see previously there were some issues. My daughter specifically wants this one, could you send me a copy of possible please as its not coming through.
          Thank you.

  1. I’ve tried 4 times with two different emails and haven’t gotten it yet. It’s not in my spam, either. Any ideas?

  2. The engineering print is coming out with the bottom text cut off. Is there a way for the PDF to have more white space around the sides? Would appreciate any help or insight, thank you! The copy center is trying to fix the original file but can’t give it enough space either. Thanks in advance!

  3. Think this one is my favorite! I love that all the books are sideways so it’s easier for me to write the titles in!

  4. Can I get the passport emailed to me? I’ve tried a few times, checked my spam, and still haven’t gotten it. Thanks!

  5. I’ve gotten the email…but when I go to download I keep getting an error code…any ideas on what could be going on? I have a very avid reader and I think this is such a cute way to track what books he’s read! Thanks for any help!

  6. Hi! I got the pdf – while it looks normal on the screen, when it prints the background is almost entirely black with just some of the book outlines showing up. Any suggestions? (other things are printing fine on the same printer)

    1. Hi Shekinah, my email to you did not go through. Do you have another email besides the email provided that I can send you the pdf? Thank you! Kelsey

  7. I love this 🤩 I was given it for a book club and I’ve been coloring it in with the titles as I read each book

  8. I keep checking my spam folder and inbox, but I don’t seem to be receiving the email to download the reading log…

  9. I love this! Thank you for sharing it! Trying to download for our upcoming school year but I just keep getting an error message every time I try and download from the email link that was sent to me. Any chance you might still be able to send a copy of this directly?
    Thank you!

  10. Hi! When will you put out your adorable Reading Log for 2024? I nearly filled up two (and had a great time doing it!) this year of 2023.

  11. Hi, I was able to grab the 2024 version but wanted to grab this one as well. This one won’t deliver to my I box for some reason but I was hoping to jot down the books I read this year.

    Thanks for your help.

  12. Can you send me a direct email? I’ve also tried 4 times and received nothing in my inbox or spam folders.

  13. Can you send me an email too please? You’ve done a beautiful job! I prefer this one to the 2024 one 🙂

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