The 2022 Hadley Designs Bookshelf Reading Log

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The 2020 Reading Log that Becca from Hadley Designs and I created was WILDLY popular and I’ve loved making new year’s versions of it available!

And here’s the 2022 edition if you want to keep using it.

This makes a great gift for book club members or packaged with a book.

I also have a 2022 version of the reading log printable I created last year with Jenny from Carrot Top Paper Shop.

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  1. Hello, I am so excited to use this as a family reading log. I would like to print off a blueprint size, but I need it as a pdf. Could I get this sent to my email as a pdf, please?

  2. Do you just color in a book for each book you finish? Or are there 364 dots around the edge? Not sure how to color this properly.
    I love the design!

    1. There are no rules! There are 365 dots around the edge of the HnH Designs log and if you’d like to track your daily reading, you can fill one in every day.

      Some people color a book in when they finish it, some people color them all in at the beginning of the year and then write in the title as they read them, others write in the titles they want to read at the beginning of the year. Whatever works for you!

  3. Hi, I signed up to receive this as I am setting up my new primary classroom and this would be great but I have not received the email. Are you able to send this please? 🙂

  4. Hi! Can I get a PDF copy of this? I’ve filled out the form but I can’t find the email anywhere.

  5. Hello! I used your Reading Log for my kids in 2022. Will there by a 2023 version, too? Here in the Southern Hemisphere the school calendar corresponds with the yearly calendar.
    Thank you!

  6. Is there a 2023 version of this? I love this design! (I know there is the actual new 2023 log, but I just really love this bookshelf design).

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