A 2022-2023 Student Reading Log

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Since 2019, I’ve released a whole bunch of reading charts, from summer ones to holiday ones to annual ones.

But the one with the MOST staying power has been this design I did with Becca of Hadley Designs.

student reading logIt was SUPER popular and each year, we’ve updated it with the new date.

Tens of thousands of you have used it – adults and kids alike – and I’ve loved seeing so many of you tracking your reading with it.

Last year, I got requests for a student version of it and now with a new school year approaching, I started getting emails and messages asking if it were possible to create a 2022-2023 one for use over the next eight or nine months of the school year.

And so here it is!

student reading log

Whether you’re tracking class reading or your homeschool reads or your child’s assigned reading time or your own reading, I hope this will make your reading this school year a little extra fun!

If you’d like to print out a large copy (and you definitely do want to), the instructions for engineering prints are right here. It’s only a few dollars to make a big copy.

student reading log

I’m personally partial to the 18×24 size (which are $2), but giant ones at 3 feet by 4 feet are only about $7 and are REALLY fun for kids.

And you absolutely have permission to print these student reading logs out for your classrooms or libraries or each of your students or children – Becca and I both WANT to see this used, so feel free to use it however works best for your needs. As long as you aren’t selling it, you’re welcome to use however you see fit!

student reading log

There are so many ways to use the reading log:

  • You can print off a big version and hang it on your wall or a smaller size that fits on a bulletin board or a small version to tape or glue in the front of your planner or journal.
  • You can write the titles of the books you want to read this year on the spines and then color them in when you’ve finished them.
  • You could color them all in now and then write the titles in as you read them.
  • You can use it in your classroom to track everyone’s reading or print off a copy for each of your students.
  • You can color code the book spines to differentiate graphic novels from non-fiction from historical fiction from classics.
  • You can assign each member of your family a color and track all all together.

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see how you use it this year!

You can sign up to get a copy of it sent right to your inbox – just pop your email address in the form below!

And definitely tag me on Instagram (@everydayreading) if you print them off – I love seeing them out in the wild!


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  1. Hi there! I’ve tried a handful of times to receive this in my email and it’s not going through (I tried a second address as well). Could you help? I would love to use this!

  2. Do you have a 2023-2024 reading log? My preschoolers loved filling out this chart after each story and I haven’t printed a new one for the school year yet. But I wanted to check before reprinting last years!

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