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15+ Books Like Owl Diaries

If you’ve seen the Owl Diaries series, you know why they’re so popular!

From the full color illustrations on every page to the diary format and clocking it at under 100 pages, they’re a perfect series for readers just inching into chapter books.

If you. have a reader who loves the Owl Diaries books, here are some other books you might want to check out!

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Books Like Owl Diaries

Itty Bitty Princess Kitty

Itty Bitty Princess Kitty by Melody Mews
12 book series, 128 pages
Itty Bitty Princess Kitty is about to become princess and is nervous about all the changes that will follow. Will she be cut out for it all? These sweet chapter books have black and white illustrations on every page.

Mimi and the cutie catastrophe

Mimi Cutie Catastrophe by Shauna J. Grant
2 book series, 80 pages
Mimi is sweet and cute! But she doesn’t want to be cute anymore. No one lets her do anything but be cute. She tries to copy superheroes, teachers and cool kids, but discovers it never works to be someone else. Get ready to follow Mimi and Penelope, her magical toy dog on a great adventure in this full color graphic.

cat and cat adventures book

Cat & Cat Adventures by Susie Yi
4 book series, 96 pages
This full color graphic novel for beginning readers follows Ginny and Squash, two adorable snack-loving cat friends on their silly adventures! Be ready to be transported to a magical world in this cute fantasy series.

Unicorn and Yeti

Unicorn and Yeti by Heather Ayris Burnell
9 book series, 64 pages
Unicorn and Yeti are an unlikely pair, but they’re also best friends. Each book has three stories in an almost graphic-novel format and any unicorn-lover will not be able to get enough of these delightful books.


Cutiecorns by Shannon Penney
6 book series, 65 pages
The Cutiecorns are cute puppies with magical horns who are great at solving mysteries and embark on all kinds of enchanting adventures. There’s illustrations throughout to keep younger readers interested.

Unicorn Diaries

Unicorn Diaries by Rebecca Elliott
4 books series, 80 pages
This is for true fans of the Owl Diaries series, they’ll love these new early chapter books by the same author. These are the stories of the unicorns that attend Sparklegrove School, a school for unicorns that each have a magical power.

Mercy Watson

Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen
6 books series, 80 pages
This is possibly the most well-known beginner chapter book series and for good reason. It’s just hard to beat these hilariously silly books about Mercy Watson, a pig adopted by an older couple with no children of their own. No matter what mischief Mercy gets into, the Watsons are convinced she is a porcine wonder. We own the first six books in the series and they’ve been loved beyond belief by all four of our children.

Princess in Black

The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham
7 book series, 96 pages
Most of the time, she’s Princess Magnolia, prim and proper. But when her Monster Alarm rings, she transforms into the Princess in Black and no monster will get the better of her!

Billie B. Brown

Billie B. Brown by Sally Rippin 
25 book series, 44 pages
This cute series has either word art or illustrations on every page, sure to keep your little reader engaged with you. Jump into Billie B. Brown’s attempt at becoming a professional ballerina when she starts her first ballet class!

A Crabby Book

Hello, Crabby by Jonathan Fenske
3 books series, 48 pages
These are hilarious beginning graphic novels and just right for a new reader. Crabby is . . .well, crabby. Everything about the beach life disagrees with him, from sun in his eyes to salt in his shell. Is there any way that Plankton can cheer him up?

Bun Bun & Bon bon

Bunbun & Bonbon by Jess Keating
3 book series, 64 pages
This beginning graphic novel is SO fun and perfect for emerging readers with simple text and full color illustrations. Bunbun is the cutest little rabbit but has no friends until Bonbon comes along! This book would be a perfect addition to this list of beginning graphic novels.

Hello Hedgehog

Hello, Hedgehog! by Norm Feuti 
3 book series, 48 pages
This beginner chapter book series is definitely on the shorter side with under 50 pages and has more of a graphic novel series. It follows the adventures of a guinea pig and a hedgehog and their little adventures together.

diary of pug book

Diary of a Pug by Kyla May
4 book series, 80 pages
There is something inherently amusing about a pug and these books are no exception. Baron von Bubbles is (he is certain) the cutest pug in the world and this diary-style book is the place for him to share all the adventures he has with his human, Bella.

The Critter Club

The Critter Club by Callie Barkley, illustrated by Marsha Riti
29 book series, 128 pages
These sweet animal-centric mysteries are just perfect for readers making the jump to chapter books – the text is nice and large with black and white illustrations on nearly every page.

Princess Posey

Princess Posey by Stephanie Greene
12 book series, 96 pages
In the first installment of this sweet series about a first grade girl named Posey, the first day of 1st grade is drawing near, and Posey becomes very nervous. But when she runs into her teacher at the store, it sparks an idea – she wants to wear her princess tutu to school. Her teacher instates a first day of school parade where everyone can come dressed in their favorite clothing and it help eases her worries.

Tales of Sasha

Tales of Sasha by Alexa Pearl
11 book series, 112 pages
In this cute series, a horse named Sasha doesn’t fit in with the herd. She always wants to run and jump, instead of walk in a straight line like the rest of the horses. Eventually, her parents let her in on a big secret…and Sasha learns more about herself than she ever knew before.

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