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summer reading challenge

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It’s the SIXTH year of the Summer Reading challenge chart and I could not be more thrilled to share it with you!

This year’s was designed by Meagan Griffin Designs and I love how it all came together.

I always hold my breath a little when the designer sends over the first draft – what if it’s terrible? (this has only happened once, but it scarred me enough that I’m always nervous). When I opened this year’s summer reading challenge chart, my internet was TERRIBLE so it took literally 15 minutes to load and my heart was pounding the whole time.

Fortunately, Meagan DELIVERED and this year’s reading chart is an absolute home run!

summer reading challenge

I love the underwater theme and I love that this year’s reading challenges (20 in all) all have a little bubble so you can mark them off as you complete them. Plus, the seashells let you track your reading all summer long.

You can decide how you want to track it – you can color in every day that you read at all, every day that you read for a certain amount of time or color code based on different types of reading (read alouds, picture books, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). It’s up to you what works best for your family and schedule!

summer reading challenge

And, as always, the summer reading challenge is always free! Just pop in your email address below, we’ll add you to our email lists and it’ll come right to your inbox, ready to print off.

I love hearing from teachers who print out a copy for all their students to take home as an end-of-year gift or families that pass them out to neighbors to kick off summer or pop them in their local Little Free Library. There are so many ways to use this free reading chart for kids!

You can print it at home, but I always think the most fun is doing an engineer print – it’s only a few dollars and having a big version is so fun. I have a whole rundown of how to order an engineer print here. Once you do it, you’ll never go back!

summer reading challenge

And if you use it this summer and share it on Instagram, please tag me (@everydayreading) and (@meagan_griffin_design) so we can see them in action!

P.S. The five previous Summer Reading Logs for Kids are all still available for free here, if you’d like those ones instead!


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summer reading challenge

Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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  1. This reading chart is terrific-the artwork is lovely and it looks very user-friendly! I printed a small one up for me to color too! I’m excited to get my friends on board with your site and all it has to offer. Keep reading!

  2. I submitted my e-mail on 5/6, but I got a newsletter instead of the reading chart. I checked junk mail folders but no reading chart.

  3. cannot be downloaded. Even when filling out the email, it doesn’t work. Can you help me please. Thank

  4. Hi! This looks awesome, and the directions to print would be so fun! I entered my email twice but haven’t seen the chart. Is there another way to download it ?

  5. Hi! I have tried a few times to get the reading chart in my email, but it hasn’t arrived yet! I would love to send it home with the kids in our library before school gets out!

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