Everything you need to know about the 2024 Summer Reading Guide

This year marks the 10th annual Summer Reading Guide here at Everyday Reading and I cannot wait to share it with you!

If you’re new to the Summer Reading Guide, each year in May, I release this guide of approximately 25 books (4-5 books across 6 categories). I hope it helps you find great books to read this summer, whether you’re sitting by the pool, roadtripping, or staying home.

You can see all the previous Summer Reading Guides here and it’ll give you a great idea of what to expect this year!

Here are all the things you should know about the 2024 Summer Reading Guide:

summer reading guide

Everything you need to know about the 2024 Summer Reading Guide

When does it release?
It will release on Monday, May 13th!

Will it be free?
Yes! The Summer Reading Guide has always been free and will remain that way – I work with brands and produce sponsored content on my blog and Instagram so that I don’t have to charge readers for the Summer Reading Guide or Everyday Reading Book Club or the printable reading charts and calendars. I’d MUCH rather brands pay me than asking you to pay me directly!

Is there a printable version?
Yes! All the primary book recommendations will be on my annual Summer Reading Guide post on my blog, but the printable version is MUCH more in-depth with additional book recommendations, read-alike suggestions, and other fun bonus materials. It’s also free – you can just pop your email address in and it’ll come right to your inbox. Kelsey, on the Everyday Reading team, does all the design work for it and she does SUCH an incredible job bringing it to life – I can’t wait for you to see it!

Will you be doing a post about where to find them on a budget?
Yes indeed! I started doing this 4 or 5 years ago and its one of my favorite things – I love being able to help you find the books you want to read this summer for a deal (and sometimes even for free!). That post will come out on May 15th.

Are these all new releases?
No! I try hard to have a good mix of new releases and older titles – it’s so frustrating when every new release has a library hold line eight months long and I want to make sure there are books you can grab immediately along side the buzzy new releases.

Who chooses these books?
I read every single one of the books included on the Summer Reading Guide (the exception is that occasionally in the printable version, I’ll mention that the author of one of the books on the Guide has a new book coming out that I haven’t read).

Can authors pay to be included?
Noooooooo. That is something I have zero interest in. None of the authors or publishers have any idea that they’ll be included on the Summer Reading Guide until it releases.

Is it for kids or for adults?
The Summer Reading Guide is designed for adults, although there is always one section of books for families to enjoy together. The rest of the books are picked with adult readers in mind.

How is it different than your monthly reading picks for Everyday Reading Book Club?
For Everyday Reading Book Club, I pick 12 books at the beginning of the year and each month we have a deep dive discussion on that book hosted on InstaStories. Those books are chosen to be somewhat seasonal and meant to be ones that can spark a lively discussion. The Summer Reading Guide books are for you to read on your own, not as part of a discussion group. Plus, the Summer Reading Guide includes 2-3 times as many books as Everyday Reading Book Club.

How is this different from the Summer Reading Chart?
The Summer Reading Chart (which comes out this week!) is meant for kids and families, rather than adults, and is a fun visual way to track reading over the summer, rather than a list of recommendations. You can see the previous Summer Reading Charts (all of which are still available for free) here!

Will you do a video talking about the books live?
Yes! I’m planning to do one once the list releases – likely on May 17th! I’m still debating whether I want to do it as a Zoom call or as an Instagram Live. If you have opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Will you share read-alikes?
Yes! This is one of the big perks of the printable version – it’ll have similar reads for MANY of the books on the Summer Reading Guide and I’m so excited about the extra books this year!

Any other questions about the 2024 Summer Reading Guide? Leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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