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The 2018 Summer Reading Guide

I’m so happy that the 2018 Summer Reading Guide is finally here!

This is likely my favorite post of the entire year.

I love putting together the Summer Reading Guide each year because there is basically nothing I love more than summer reading.

I was SO happy with last year’s guide that I was pretty sure there was no way for this year to come close, but as I’ve worked on the 2018 summer reading guide for the past few months, I feel like it’s every bit as good and I hope you’ll agree!

Every last one of these books is great for packing on an exotic vacation or reading at home in your own cozy bed (my summer will be more along the lines of “reading on the couch”).

Like last year, the summer reading guide includes six categories with four books per category. I’ve shared a brief description of each book so you can get a quick feel for whether it’s something you’ll love.

2018 summer reading

As usual, I included a mix of new releases and older titles because I find it so annoying when I go to request books from a summer reading list and every single book has a request line 50 people deep.

Summer reading shouldn’t have to wait until next January when your holds finally come up!

Whether you’re looking for some fun chick-lit, non-fiction titles that read like novels, a memoir you can’t set down, an audiobook to listen to or something to read with your whole family, I really hope you find a book (or many books!) you’ll love this summer.

If you read any of these, tag me on social media (@everydayreading on Instagram!) and tell me what you think.

Happy reading!

Chick Lit

Fantastic Non-Fiction

Absorbing Audiobooks

Books for the Whole Family

Gripping Memoirs

Page-Turning Novels


P.S. If you want even more suggestions for summer reading, you can check out the 2017 guide, the 2015 guide, and the 2014 guide!

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  1. After reading this, I just put “Orphan Monster Spy” on hold at my library. I’m already on the waiting list for “The Great Alone,” but like you said, it might be January before I get to that book on my “summer” reading list, with it’s current popularity! I read “Great Small Things” last year, and it also made me drink the Jodi Piccoult kool-aid, that one was just SO GOOD!

  2. Thank you so much for this book list! I love reading and am so excited to have found your blog. One question… for the books you recommend, do you feel they are rated “G” or “PG”? Or more “PG-13” or “R”? I’m especially interested in the books you recommend for young adults as I have two teenage daughters, and I prefer books without a lot of bad language and inappropriate content. 🙂

    1. I try never to recommend anything that would be R, but there are definitely some in the PG-13 category. Let me know if there is a specific book you’re looking at and I can be more helpful!

  3. Thank you! How would you describe the language/content for To All the Boys I Loved Before (and that series)), as well as Love and First Sight?

  4. Can you keep a secret is one of my favorite all time books. I laugh out load every time I read it. When I loan it to people who don’t love it, it almost ruins our friendship. Because I don’t see how you could not find it hilarious.

  5. i read the great alone on tuesday. it was SO good. i was telling my husband about it after, and he was floored with how depressing it sounded, leaving me to say “no, no, it’s so good!”. although i bawled towards the end. thank you for the recommendation!

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