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The 2015 Summer Reading Guide

Last year, I loved loved loved putting together my first Summer Reading Guide and couldn’t wait for the 2015 version.

Since the fall, I’ve been reading books watching for titles worth of inclusion on this year’s Guide.

Like last year, I’ve done six categories, with five books for each category. Whether you’re looking for a book to pack in your beach bag, something to listen to on the airplane or a book to read aloud to your children, I hope you’ll find something to love.

The 2015 Summer Reading Guide. Whether you're looking for chick lit or non-fiction or something to read with your kids, there is something for everyone on this year's list!

Take a peek at all the titles and if you read any of them, let me know what you think!


P.S. If you’re looking for even more suggestions, check out last year’s Summer Reading Guide!

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  1. Bingo. Perfect timing, as I was just feeling desperate that I have no books on hand at the moment and didn't know what to request from my library system (our home library in the village is literally the size of my living room, so browsing takes about 30 seconds and yields little). My hold list is now nicely padded. Thanks.

  2. Hey Janssen,
    Is there a handy way to load all the books from the a list to my Goodreads "to Read shelf? Or to load them into a library database (my library has a book list feature)? Cauze, you know, the 'copy-paste' method is sooo time consuming. I'm choosing to think of myself as saving time not being super lazy.

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