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10 Books Ella Currently Loves: Fall Edition

I felt like, over the summer, Ella lost a bit of her interest in books. We still read them, but not like we had in previous months. She was quick to lose interest and the days of “again, again!” after every book seemed gone.

Happily, in the last two months, her love of books appears to have returned in full force and she’s always asking, “You get new books for me at the library?”

A girl after my own heart.

Here are ten wonderful books for a toddler that have been most beloved as of late.

books for a toddler

Bread & Jam for Frances – I love Frances so much, so it kind of makes my heart burst with happiness that my child loves it too. It’s a bit long for her still, so she flips the pages faster than I can read all the text, but she usually wants to read it multiple times.



Swim! Swim! – The last of the 2011 2×2 titles. This one makes Ella laugh every time we read it (it’s told from a fish’s point of view as he tries to find a friend in his fish bowl).



All the Awake Animals are Almost Asleep – Look, anything with animals is pretty much an instant hit with Ella. And an alphabet book that didn’t make me want to tear out my hair? A winner for both of us.



Fox and Hen Together – This was on a display rack at the library and I picked it up mainly because I loved the long short shape of the book. It’s a wordless one and it’s definitely a bit strange, but Ella loved it, and I’ve never seen anything as cute as her narrating the story (“There’s nothing in the fridge. Hold my egg. I go fishing with crab.”)


Rock-a-bye FarmAmy recommended this book on my Bedtime Story post and she was not wrong. I love this simple little book.




A Dog is a Dog – I picked this one up after seeing it in the Chronicle catalog. All three of us loved it (you can watch a little video preview of it here).



Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons – I know now that these books are wildly popular, but when Ralphie first pointed them out to me at the Scholastic Book Fair, I’d never heard of them. Ella loves them and sings the little tunes all the time. When we tried to check them out, only to discover that every copy was gone, there were tears.



Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories – I hadn’t read any of these until I checked out the second one for my ice cream-themed preschool morning, but now we are big fans in our house of all three of these titles.



Kiss Good Night – Another recommendation on the Bedtime Story post, this one from Angela. Oh my word, it’s cute. Ella is obsessed with the foxes on the first and last pages.



Whoo? Whoo? – Another one that was on display at the library. Each page has cut-outs scattered across the page and then, when you turn the page, those same cut-outs have been assembled to form an animal. It’s a short book and very clever.



P.S. You can see previous favorites of Ella’s here.

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  1. We adore Pete the Cat at our house, and I feel a little possessive of him because, even though he is so popular, we found him all on our own.

  2. I love when you do books Ella loves. My baby is closer in age to her little sister, but we've found some great books from these lists. In fact, his favorite book ever is a book from the 2×2 posts you did. We do skip any that you say are little long for her, assuming they will be much too long for a 6 month old. So thanks!

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