You Know What’s Coming on the Monday after Halloween

Elsa Halloween Costume

What we really wanted this year were costumes that would be 100% unique. So obviously we went with Elsa and Ana from Frozen.

(I mean, with this resemblance of names and eye and hair color, how could we not?)

Elsa and Ana Halloween

Frozen Halloween Costumes

Disney Halloween Costumes

Ani absolutely refused to wear her cape at all, except when we bribed her for these photos with a Percy Pig. So, we definitely did not get our money’s worth out of this cape that I made sans sewing machine with a tiny sewing kit I picked up at a hotel sometime in Europe.

When we went to the first house and Ani got candy, she just about couldn’t contain her glee, stomping her feet and shrieking “canny! canny” with a huge grin on her face.
She also always tried to take multiple pieces of candy, carefully selecting one at a time and then continuing until one of us stopped her.
At one house, there were some 9 or 10 year old boys passing out candy and one had a very scary rubber wolf mask on.
When she saw him, she grabbed my hand and without a word, slowly started backing away. When I asked if she wanted to get candy, she emphatically said, “No! No! No!”
Ella was basically just thrilled to get to wear makeup. And she kept saying, “I’m actually the real Elsa.”
There is a neighborhood near the London Business School that everyone told us was the place to go trick-or-treating and they were not kidding. We went early (4:45) but by 5:30, it was so packed it was hard to get up some of the doors. Just after six, both girls voluntarily got back in the stroller and had no interest in getting out for any more candy.
On the way home, Ani opened as many candies as she could manage, took a few bites of each and then would spit them out into my hand to move on to the next one. Not really the candy tax I had in mind.

Previous Halloweens, in case you just CAN’T get enough costumes:

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  1. Beautiful costumes. Ella looks gorgeous with makeup on (of course she looks gorgeous without it too). Her sneakers are perfect. Ani's dress doesn't really look like a costume. Such beautiful smiles on both of them. So glad they had so much fun!

  2. I recently stumbled across your blog and I just love it! You have the most beautiful little girls, and I love how fitting their halloween costumes are. They are both so beautiful! I look forward to reading more about your life!

  3. Your kiddos are perfect for these costumes, they basically are Anna and Elsa in real life. Blonde older sister, red head younger sister. How perfect!

  4. Your girls are too cute! It's so funny how many Elsas there were on Halloween- a friend forwarded a picture of her kid's kindergarten Halloween parade, and it was literally 20 little girls all dressed in Elsa dresses lined up, but not a single Anna in sight. Your girls made the perfect Elsa and Anna pair!

  5. Hi there! Longtime reader, delurking…now! Your girls are so sweet! Ella's face in the first picture cracks me up! I cleaned house for a woman in my church who had three little girls; they would request make-up and when any of them got lipgloss or lipstick, they would "freeze" their lips in this adorable way!

    (Everytime I make your jalapeno popper dip, everyone asks me where I got the recipe.)

  6. Okay, so I saw about 8,000 Elsas (and about 4,000 Annas) this weekend, and I have to say that your girls are hands down the cutest ones. Good grief.

  7. How could you NOT do Elsa and Anna?! You girls were MADE for the part. 😉 Too cute!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  8. Adorable! I've always loved doing themed costumes with my girls and this is the first time we didn't.

    Oldest passed out candy as a soccer player with dog as ref. I was the ren-faire dress I made four years ago and never had the excuse to wear it. Izzy was the 10th Doctor and got recognized all of twice in the combined three times she wore it. Lit her face up though so made me incredibly happy. Now we are making cookies, milkshakes, and whatever else we can dream to get rid of all the candy. Generally our costumes are handmade the breakdown for this year was : Me 100% hm, D and dog 100% store bought (it was her uniform and a dog costume from the Target $spot. Izzy: mixed. Picked a lady's pinstriped suit up at Goodwill. Picked apart the pants to make a skirt. Changed the jacket enough so that it was wearable. Wore her school blouse and dad's tie. Hopefully next year the family will be more in the mood for grand plans.

  9. Love it. So glad to see the pictures. And I think the cape is adorable. I would hang on to it and recycle it in the future.

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