Three Things I Wore Recently Part 2

It’s a Valentine’s miracle. My hair is slightly (boringly) different in the middle photo. 1,000 points to me.

Those tights in the first image are ones my mom gave me for my 24th birthday (yes, I am now 26 and a half), but I’ve never worn them before. I guess they were just too scary for me. Then I finally wore them and I loved them and people at church would not stop asking me where I’d gotten them (I’m pretty sure the answer they weren’t looking for was, “A gift from my mom, more than two years ago. Good luck finding a pair.”)

Also, I love that yellow sweater when I see this picture and yet I’ve worn it exactly once thus far. What’s wrong with me?

 Left to Right:
1) Sweater: Old Navy, Dress: LOFT, Tights: Gift from Mom, Shoes: Payless, Belt: Old Navy
2) Sweater: Gift from Landen from Zara’s, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Payless

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  1. I love these 'what you're wearing' posts. You look great in yellow!
    I think I might like to borrow your idea and try some similar posts. Just curious if you have someone take your photo or if you do it yourself? Have you ever done any modelling, because you could!

    1. I have a tripod and remote (and I waited forever to buy them and then they turned out to be super cheap and I wish I hadn't waited so long).

      And my modeling is limited to standing in front of the bathroom door in these pictures, but you're nice to say so!

  2. You also have your hair behind your ears in photo 3 for more hair variation, earning you like a million hair points. And I'm so glad you finally wore those tights; they look fantastic with those red wedges.

  3. I'll be honest. Before reading this, my first question was going to be, "Where did you get those tights?!" Love. You look fabulous and I love your hair!

  4. First thing I noticed too was the tights! Ha. I think it was because I was surprised to see you wearing them, but LOVING that you were because you can easily pull them off!!! So hot!

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