Raiding My Sister’s Closet: Hats

One of the great benefits of having a sister who is a fashion blogger is that not only do I have someone to have endless conversations about blogging with, but also whenever I come to visit, Merrick unloads a huge pile of hand-me-downs for me.

I’ve learned to bring a big suitcase when I come to visit.

I should probably admit that she bought me this shirt for Christmas and I borrowed this hat from her too. And. . . the purse. Which I kind of wanted to steal.

Raiding my sister’s closet in the most literal sense of the term.







Drop by Merrick and Landen’s blogs and check out their hats:


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  1. I feel like this outfit would look better, from a photography standpoint, if your hair was pulled back. The volume of the hat, the volume of your hair, the volume of the jacket… all three together is kind of too much, in my opinion. Obviously it's a very cute outfit and I would totally wear it, and probably not worry about "volumes" a bit. So take that for what it's worth. I have 0.5 fashion posts on my blog, haha!

  2. Hand-me-downs are awesome! Especially because you can get rid of them yourself in a year without much guilt. I think you are totally pulling off that hat, which is hard to do!

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